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Isaac Hart (1614-1699) and Elizabeth Hutchins --  our first generation 

Deborah Hart (1655-1710) and Benjamin Proctor

Captain Samuel Hart (1656-1730) and Sarah Endicott

Adam Hart (1666-1745) and Elizabeth Collson

Elizabeth Hart (1686- ) and Samuel Potter

John Proctor (1690-1759) and Anna Storey

Samuel Hart (1698-  ) and Hepsibar Eaton


John Hart (1703-  ) and Mehitable Endicott

Thomas Hart (1707-1753) and Abigail Brown and Phebe

Jonathan Hartt (1710-1790) and Mercy Hawkes

Samuel Hartt, Jr. (  -1770) and Mary Fuller

Elizabeth Proctor (1714-1790) and Jonathan Burnham

John Hartt, Jr. (1733-1811) and Lydia Curtis

Thomas A. Hartt (1736-1813) and Sarah Hawkes

Ebenezer Hart (1738- ) and Sarah Pool

Zerubbable Hart (1738- ) and Eunice Curtis

Tabitha Hart (1740-1809) and John Rand

Samuel Henry Alline Hartt (1745-1814) and Mary Estabrooks and Clarissa Hammond

Abraham Burnham (1747-1814) and Susan Perkins and Lydia Bradley

Daniel Hart (1748-1812) and Bethiah MacKintire

John Hartt (1748-1800) and Anne Lovell

Molly Hartt (1750-1825) and John Estey

Jacob Hart (1758-1833) and Hannah Cox

John Hart III (1760-1793) and Dorcas Brown

Ebenezer Hart Jr. (1762-1840) and Polly Smith

William Hart (1766-1799 and Mary Smith

Nathaniel Hart (1768-1841) and Lydia White

Daniel Hart (1771-1827) and Polly Tapley

Thomas Hartt (1771-1853) and Phoebe Phillips

Daniel Hart Jr. (1772-1823) and Polly Marshall

David Hart (1773-1851) and Lucy Page

Ebenezer Hart (1773-1857) and Esther Robbins

Joseph Hart (1774-1830) and Elizabeth Tapley

George Hart (1775-1857) and Eunice and Polly

Jacob Hart (1776- ) and Lydia and Rachel

Jonathan Hartt (1779-  ) and Jemina Phillips

John Hart (1780-1852) and Prudence White

Sarah E. Hartt (1781-1857) and Jarvis Ring

Susan Perkins Burnham (1785-1866) and Henry Hall III

Aaron Hartt (1785-1868) and Charlotte Estey

George Whitfield Hartt (1787-1859) and Mary Ann, Lucy Ann, and Isabella

John Hartt (1789-1855) and Jane Cole

Aaron Hartt (1790-1836) and Mary Sweeney

Martin Hart (1794-1875) and Lucy Hart and Elizabeth Swinerton

George C. Hartt (1796-1871) and Jane Fowler and Margaret

Joseph Hart Jr. (1799-18__) and Mary Richardson

Rev. Samuel Hartt (1799-1867) and Mary Elizabeth Estey


Nathaniel Foy Hart (1800-1854) and Clarissa Hill

John Hart (1801-1854) and Elizabeth Butterfield Lock

Joel Hart (1803-1877) and Anna Hardy

Halloway Long Hart (1804-1870) and Mary Carter and Eliza Root

Homer W. Hart (1805-1877) and Mary Baker Knowlton

Charles Hart (1807-1879) and Martha Sproul and Hannah Lee

Isaac Newton Hall (1808-1893) and Louisa Webster and Elizabeth Taisey

Phoebe Hartt (1809-1883) and Daniel Smith

Aaron Hartt (1811-1868) and Levina Tracy and Mary Jane Alexander

Jarvis Hartt (1812-1873) and Prudence Brown

Sarah Hartt (1815-1885) and William Edward Perley

Thomas E. Hartt (1818-1890) and Adeline Perley

Aaron Samuel Hartt (1820-1879) and Catherine Susanna Dayton

Elizabeth Hartt (1827-1901) and David Smith

Samuel Hartt (1828-1897) and Mary Ann Hayes

Olando Hill Hart (1829- ) and Jenetta West and Mary Jane Blair

Reverend John Hartt (1830-1902) and Clarissa, Amanda, and Rebecca

Charles Dwight Hart (1831-1897) and Lucy Jenkins and Katherine Wright

John Lock Hart (1832-1862) and Sarah Ann Hartford

Henry Jackson Hart (1833-1891) and Lois Augusta Shute

Charles Nelson Hart (1835-  ) and Sarah Kembley Estes

Charles Frederick Hartt (1840-1878) and Lucy Lynde

Helen Mar Hall (1842-1923) and George Henry Willard

John Homer Hart (1842-1916) and Francelia L. Sawyer and Cora B. Wadsworth

David Wellington Hartt (1843-1901) and Charlotte Amanda Adams

Rev. Henry Hartt (1844-1918) and Phoebe Smith

Edward Perley Hartt (1847-1917) and Susan Duchesnay

Alfred Ernest Hartt (1849-1924) and Jennie Mersereau

William Charles Hartt (1851-1941) and Letitia Ann Wilson

Odber Miles Hartt (1852-1918) and Loretta Kilburn

Thomas Aaron Hartt (1858-1930) and Alice Greenlaw

Mary Etta Hartt (1860-1913) and Gilman King Greenlaw

Theodosia Adriana Hartt (1860-1921) and Charles Berton Lockhart

Henry Lock Hart (1861-1950) and Penelope McPherson

Charles W. Hart (1862-  ) and Anna Jennings

Mary Alberta Hartt (1863-1919) and Carl Emil Johnson and John Johnson

George Albert Hart (1864-1938) and Bessie M. Wilson

George Pierpont Estes Hart (1864-  ) and Margaret Crowell Hogg

Caroline Amelia Hartt (1866-1939) and James McPhail

Lillian "Lillie" Ada Hartt (1867-1951) and Arthur Mellen

George Bartlett Willard (1869-1945) and Alice Maude Barton

Zula Madge Hart (1887-1975) and Carl Cecil Likes

Gilbert Hartt (1890-1950) and Maude Rutherford

David Roy Hartt (1894-1993) and Jennie Lind Roach

Parker Estes Hart (1897-1949) and Mina Weintraub and Dorothy

Ernest Perley Hartt (1898-1978) and Grace Conacher


Rupert King Greenlaw (1900-1967) and Minnie Lawlor

Carrie Isabel McPhail (1902-1967) and Dean Richards Rogers

Charles Cecil Likes (1905-  ) and Helen Lucille Owens

Jeanne Willard (1905-2004) and William Burnham

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Bibliography and List of Resources - Many thanks to these people!!

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David Roy Hartt's family picture album

Dean Rogers and Carrie Isabel McPhail by Gordon Rogers

Mary Alberta's family picture album

Nova Scotia, the fourteenth colony

Sgt. Elijah Estabrooks

The Hart House, Lynnfield, Massachusetts

William Charles Hartt's Journal (May 9 through July 16, 1883)

The James Hart Book

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