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David W. and Charlotte Hartt


David Wellington Hartt, the first son of Thomas Endicott Hartt and Adeline Perley, was born in 1843 in Blissville, New Brunswick.  David married Charlotte Amanda Adams.  Charlotte was born in 1860.


David was the principal of Mount Bleak Academy.  The Hartt General Store was registered in his name.  He was among the first counselors of he Parish of Gladstone -- before that, he was a county councilor during the years, 1857 and 1858.  When the Parish of Gladstone was established on November 4, 1874, David was a parish clerk with Thomas Alexander.


David Wellington Hartt died in 1901.  Charlotte died in 1940.


David Wellington Hartt and family

Children born to David Wellington Hartt and Charlotte Amanda Adams Hartt:

Thomas Byron Born 1882    
Died 1950  
George Born 1886    
Zelda Born 1894    
Adeline Born 1884    
Died 1975  
Olive Born 1890    
Charlotte Born 1896    
Died 1970  


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