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Jacob Hart and Rachel


Jacob Hart was born on January 19, 1776, in Reading, Massachusetts.  He was the third child born to Daniel Hart and Bethiah MacKintire Hart.  Jacob was one of ten brothers who subsequently became enterprising men, and settled in nearly as many different states.


Jacob married Lydia Rice on March 24, 1803, in Brookline, Massachusetts.  She died about one year later.


Jacob married, second, Rachel Haynes, daughter of Daniel and Elizabeth Ferrett Haynes, on August 7, 1808.  Rachel was born on February 2, 1786, in Natick, Massachusetts.  Daniel, later, went to Lunenburg, Massachusetts, where he remained until 1821, when he bought a large farm in the western part of Keene, to which he moved.


Jacob fathered eleven children, five of whom died in infancy. The rest are listed in the table below.  


Jacob Hart was a farmer.  He died on February 19, 1856 at Keene, New Hampshire.

Children born to Jacob Hart and Rachel Haynes Hart:

Nehemiah Hart Born Natick, Massachusetts February 3, 1810 Married Miranda Miller, August 25, 1881?, daughter of Caleb and Sarach C. Pierce Miller of Charlestown, NH.  Eight children; see notes below.
Mary A. Hart Born      
Betsey H. Hart Born      
Rachel M. Hart Born      
Jacob Hart Born      
Frances J. Hart Born      
Five others died in infancy Born      


Colonel Nehemiah Hart, born in Natick, Massachusetts on Feb. 3, 1810, lived on the family farm in the west part of Keene, New Hampshire.  He received a common school education and assisted his father on the farm until after his marriage. About this time, he contracted for and built the road around Spofford Lake, Chesterfield, which is now a popular summer resort.  Mr Hart was captain of the Ninth New Hampshire State Militia 1834-1836, and he was commissioned lieutenant-colonel on Sept. 4, 1837. He married Aug. 25, 1841, Miranda Rosetta Miller, daughter of Caleb and Sarah C. (Pierce) Miller of Charlestown, N.H. Mr Hart purchased a farm in west Keene, where he engaged in farming and dairying and carried on the lumber business during winters. About 1845, he purchased a large tract of land on the south side of West St. in Keene, which he improved, building several houses. He laid out the court known as Hart place to which he removed from his farm in 1868 where he resided until his death Nov. 16, 1890, age 80 years and 9 months. His widow died Jan. 16, 1893, age age 75 years. She was one of the earliest members of the First Baptist church at Keene.

Colonel Nehemiah Hart fathered eight children, all in Keene, as follows: Henry H., born August 14, 1842; George J., born August 8, 1844, died December 23, 1867; Rosetta M., born August 23, 1846, married Henry M. Staples, June 2, 1868; Francella C., born November 17, 1848, married T. W. Armstrong, October 5, 1881; Julia A., born March 14, 1851; Charles S., born February 7, 1854; Nan L., born October 16, 1856; and Hattie S., born August 8, 1859, Mary A., daughter of Jacob, was born in Lunenburg, Mass., January 2, 1815, and married Sherman Derby, of West Harrisville, December 31, 1852. The latter, son of Samuel and Hannah (Minot) Derby, was born in Littleton, Mass., July 4, 1808. Of their children, Harriet M., born January 30, 1854, died August 21, 1854; and Lizzie M., is a teacher. born March 9, 1857, Betsey H. was born in Lunenburg, Mass., March 12, 1819, was a teacher for some time, and married Dauphin W. Comstock, November 10, 1841.

Dauphin W. Comstock, son of William Comstock, was born in Sullivan, January 3, 1815, and is a carpenter by trade. Of their children, Elizabeth, born in Keene. November, 1842, died August, 1843; Mary, born July 1844, died in August, 1844; Everett D., born September 22, 1850; and Charles, born June 18, 1847, died June, 1847. Mrs. Comstock died July 15, 1864, Rachel M. Hart was born in Keene, January 24, 14, has been a teacher, and married Moses Mason, April 13, 1847. A son of Henry and Lucinda, (Hall) Mason, born at Westmoreland, in October, 1823. He enlisted as a private in Co. I, 9th N. H. Vols., August, 1862, and died of sickness, August 9 1863. Their only children, Asa H. and Ahar H., twins, died in infancy. Jacob Hart, born in Keene, February 14, 1828, married Sarah R. Cook, in April, 1852, a daughter of John and Roxana Lane Cook, born October 6, 1833.

Mr. Hart is a farmer and now resides in Bellows Falls, Vt. He has had three children born to him, Oscar, Orrin and Emma C. Oscar, born October 24, 1853, is a machinist, and married Lizzette Howard, of Bellows Falls, Vt., January, 5, 1882. Orrin, born October 31, 1855, is a machinist. and married Clara Guillow, of Gilsum, March 6, 1884. Emma C. was born in Keene, April 7, 1857, and married Wayne T. Gibson, of Chester, Vt., January 5, 1876. Frances J. Hart, born in Keene, April 10, 1830, was twice married, first to Ahar E. Howard, in September, 1850, who died July 5, 1858. She married second, Dauphin W. Comstock, her deceased sisters husband, October 4, 1865. They have had three children, only one of whom, Gertrude H., is living. Mr. Comstock moved to Grand Rapids, Mich., in 1876. His son, Everett D., was admitted to the Michigan bar in the autumn of 1881. While pursuing his law studies, he was clerk of the superior court for two years, which sessions are held in Grand Rapids. At the present time he is circuit court commissioner, for the term of two years.

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