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William Hart and Mary



William Hart, was born in Lynnfield, Massachusetts in 1766.  He was the son of John Hart Jr. and Lydia Curtis Hart.


William Hart married at Danvers, Mass., Dec. 12,. 1793, Mary or Polly Smith of Marblehead, Mass., born in Marblehead, the eldest daughter of Amos Smith Jr., a sea captain, who married Mary Nuff and resided at Marblehead. He died about 1786, leaving three little girls, of whom Polly was the oldest, age eight years.  


William Hart lived in Lynnfield, Mass., a farmer, and died in 1799.  William's widow married a second time, to James Newhall of Lynn, where the couple took up residence.  James Newhall died in 1843, at the age of 87 years.  Polly died on February 18, 1855, at the age of 77 years.


William Hart and Mary (or Poly) Smith had two children: Hartfield Hart, born in March 1794, and Mary A. Hart, born September 28, 1795.  


James Newhall and Mary (or Polly) Smith had five children, all born in Lynn, Massachusetts: William Newhall, born on January 4, 1803, died young; Charles Newhall, born September 17, 1804, also died young; Alanson Newhall, born on March 4, 1807, also died young; Julia A. Newhall, born March 20, 1809, was still living, in 1900, at Lynn, Massachusetts, unmarried; and Nancy C. Newhall, born in March 1813, died young and unmarried.

Children born to William Hart and Mary (or Polly) Smith Hart:

Hartfield Hart Born March 1794 Lynnfield, Massachusetts Married Mary Bryant, Sept 9, 1820.  Mary died on Jan. 14, 1833 and he married, second, Elizabeth Page, on Nov. 12, 1833.
Died November 17, 1868  
Mary A. Hart Born September 28, 1795 Lynnfield, Massachusetts Married Gideon Phillips on Dec. 2, 1815, and lived in Lynn, Mass. He was born April 18, 1791 and died June 11, 1861.  See notes below.
Died March 1, 1820 Lynn, Massachusetts

Children born to James Newhall and Mary (or Polly) Smith Hart Newhall:

William Newhall Born January 4, 1803 Lynn, Massachusetts Apparently died young.
Charles Newhall Born September 17, 1804 Lynn, Massachusetts Apparently died young.
Alanson Newhall Born March 4, 1807 Lynn, Massachusetts Apparently died young.
Julia A. Newhall Born March 20, 1809 Lynn, Massachusetts Unmarried; was still living in Lynn, Mass. in 1900.
Nancy C. Newhall Born March 1813 Lynn, Massachusetts Apparently died young; unmarried. 


Hartfield Hart married Mary Bryant, by Rev. Reuben Emerson at South Reading, MA, Sept 9, 1820. She died Jan. 14, 1833 and he married second, Nov. 12, 1833, Elizabeth Page, daughter of Joseph and Jane (Little) Page of Goffstown, NH.  Hartfield Hart and Mary Bryant Hart had seven children: (1) Mary Bryant Hart, b. Aug 19, 1821; d. March 9, 1873; unmarried.  (2) Bryant Hart, b. Oct 27, 1823; resided in South Reading, a cord wainer; d. July 5, 1869, unmarried.  (3) Sarah Ellen Hart, b. Oct 9, 1825; m. April 9 1846, Andrew Young, b. in Stanstead, Can. They resided at South Reading. Sarah Ellen Hart and Andrew Young had four children: (3a) Lizzie Bryant Young, b. Jan. 30, 1854, unmarried; (3b) Edward Andrew Young, b. June 4, 1856; (3c) Frank Young, b. Dec. 2, 1856; and (3d) Mary Ellen Young, m. Henry Ball, the whole Young family died of consumption.  (4) Albert Hart, b. Feb 18, 1828; d. July 6, 1833.  (5) Henry Clay Hart, b. Oct 2, 1830; lived in Orange, NJ.  (6) Everett Hart, b. Dec 18, 1832.  

Hartfield Hart and his second wife, Elizabeth Page Hart had seven children:  (1) Joseph William Hart, b. Sept 23, 1834; d. Nov 30, 1836.  (2)(3)(4) Three children; all died young. (5) Abner Bailey Hart, b. Sept 13, 1838. (6) Hannah Maria Hart, b. Oct 15, 1840; m. at Wakefield, MA by Rev. M.B. Chapman, May 23, 1871, Edwin William Ricker, b. Sept 4 1849, at Lyman, ME., son of George W. and Olive E. (Knight) Ricker. They lived in Wakefield, MA. Mr. Ricker d. Feb. 16, 1887. and his widow was still living in 1903.  Hannah Hart and Edwin Ricker had two children: (6a) Frank Hart Ricker, b. Dec. 10, 1874, d. Aug. 19, 1875; and (6b) Earl Haskell Ricker, b. Feb. 17, 1878. (7) John Francis Hart, b. March 3, 1843; see more below.

John Francis Hart (Hartfield, William, John, John, Samuel, Isaac) born in South Reading, Mass., March 3, 1843, son of Hartfield and Elizabeth (Page) Hart; married at South Reading, Aug. 14, 1864, Miss Lucy A.S. Conant of Stoneham, Mass., age 18 years, daughter of James F. and Lucy___ Conant; married second____, and married third, Mrs. Martha Etta Way of Northborough, Mass., by Rev. Brewer G. Boardman, of Newport R.I., June 17, 1897.  She was 46 years of age and the daughter of Perkins and Elizabeth (Shaw) Russell.  John Francis Hart lived in Fall River, Mass., and was a commercial traveler, selling coffee and tea for a Providence, R.I. company. They had one adopted son: Earl Carpenter.

Mary A. Hart married Gideon Phillips; they had one daughter: (1) Martha Jane Phillips, born September 14, 1816.  Martha Phillips married Christopher Gore Bubier in 1833.  Christopher was born on Feb. 12, 1814 and died on March 20, 1881.  Martha died on Nov. 27, 1883.  Martha and Christopher Gore Bubier had five children: (1a) Mary Hart Bubier, b. April 1837, m. Gardner White of Marblehead, Mass. in 1855, and died in 1864.  (1b) Lizzie King Bubier, b. in 1844, d. in 1869, m. John Hussey in 1865.  They had two children: (1b1) Charles Hussey, and (1b2) Lillian Hussey.  (1c) George Edward Bubier, b. in 1847; d. in 1869, unmarried.  (1d) Elbridge Worcester Bubier, b. in 1848, m. Harriet M. Lakeman of Lynn, Mass. on March 17, 1873.  He died July 9, 1882. They had three children: (1d1) George M. Bubier, (1d2) Lillian P. Bubier, and (1d3) Howard F. Bubier.  About nine years after Elbridge died, Frank Phillips Bubier, Elbridge's brother, born in 1852; married Mrs. Harriet M. Lakeman Bubier, his brother's widow, on February 1891.

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