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Rev. Samuel Jr. and Mary Hartt


Reverend Samuel Hartt, Jr. was the son of Samuel Hartt and his second wife, Clarissa Hammond.  He was born on April 23, 1799.


He married Mary Elizabeth Estey on October 17, 1822.  Mary was born on September 6, 1793, in Sheffield, Maugerville, New Brunswick.


According to local legend, while crossing the frozen St. John River to tend his father Samuel's cattle on Hartt's Island, Samuel Jr. fell through and nearly drowned. He apparently cried to the Lord to save his life, vowing to devote his life to God if he survived. He seems to have found a piece of rope frozen to the edge of the ice with which he was able to pull himself to safety. He kept his vow and became a well known clergyman and evangelist. He reputedly had a great gift for singing gospel songs and by this influence converted large numbers of people. He was one of the leaders of the Free Baptist movement in its early years and had great influence on parishioners in both New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.


"In his early life, he was instructed in the doctrines of the highest school of Calvinism, but having strong doubts to the correctness of the doctrine then held, was let to separate himself from the Calvinist Baptist body and commence his labors as an evangelist outside the connection.


"His labors contributed more largely than that of any other to the formation of the Free Christian Baptist denomination which was organized at Victoria Corner (Carleton County) in 1833.  Since that time, Mr. Hartt was an earnest laborer for the ministry, visiting every section of the Province as well as portions of the U.S. and Nova Scotia."

-- Religious Intelligencer, February 2, 1867.


Mary Elizabeth Estey Hartt, died on March 11, 1865.  Reverend Samuel Hartt died on January 16, 1867, in Upper Brighton, Carleton County, New Brunswick.


Children born to Reverend Samuel Hartt and Mary Elizabeth Estey Hartt: 

Thomas E. Hartt Born August 22, 1823 Kingston, York Co., NB Married Mary Jane True.  See notes below.
Died March 2, 1885  
William Dell Hartt Born October 28, 1826 Wakefield, New Brunswick Married Lucinda Loomer on September 5, 1848; she died June 9, 1863, of consumption, at age 36.  She is buried in Waterville, NB.  Married (2) Frances Hammond on November 9, 1863.
Died May 25, 1902 Woodstock, New Brunswick
Samuel Hartt Born May 9, 1828 Kingsclear, NB Married Mary Ann Hayes on June 14, 1897, at Jacksontown
Died (March) May 18, 1897 Campbell Settlement, NB
John Hartt Born March 20, 1830 Wakefield, New Brunswick Married (1) Clarissa E. Hammond, (2) Amanda Caroline Kelly (died Aug. 2, 1869), and (3) Rebecca L. Kelly (Amanda's sister).
Died February 4, 1904  
Mary E. Hartt Born April 6, 1832 Wakefield, New Brunswick  
Died October 1879  
Catherine A. Hartt Born March 3, 1834 Wakefield, New Brunswick Married Jacob Day on March 29, 1856; she died one year later.  Their child died at just over one year of age at Rev. Samuel Hartt's.
Died April 3, 1857  
Judah Hartt Born March 17, 1836   Married Jennie Siperal on November 3, 1858, in Wakefield, Carleton Co., New Brunswick.
Died July 29, 1907  
Clarissa Hartt Born March 21, 1838 Simmons, New Brunswick Married Charles Libby (born December 20, 1843) on June 30, 1869.
Died May 3, 1901  
Caroline Hartt Born March 21, 1838 Simmons, New Brunswick Married Charley Good in 1865.
Died September 30, 1873  
Aaron Hartt Born February 15, 1841 Simmons, New Brunswick Married Helen M. Libby on July 15, 1867; she is daughter of Stephen Libby.
Died November 10, 1924 South Weymouth, Mass.
Henry Hartt Born March 31, 1844 Upper Brighton, NB Married Phoebe Smith on February 9, 1871 at Blissville, NB.; buried at Waterville, NB.
Died March 30, 1920  


Thomas E. Hartt, of Wakefield, NB, married Maria Jane True of Lincoln, Sept. 25, 1845. She was the eldest daughter of Samuel True. Witnesses: George C. Nevers and Aaron Hartt.

William Dell Hartt and Lucinda Loomer had three daughters and a son, Isaac Newton Hartt, who died, in Upper Woodstock, NB, on October 15, 1857, at an age of 2 years, 3 months.

Clarissa Hartt and Charles Libby had eight children including Caroline, born November 25, 1870 in Leeds; Nettie B., born April 20, 1872; Alice M., born May 1, 1874, died August 21, 1875; Addison Samuel, born August 3, 1875, in Framingham, Massachusetts; Frederick Ernest, born July 23, 1877; Alton, born December 23, 1878, in Milford, died December 25, 1878; Mary Ethel, born October 12, 1879; and Clara Louise, born February 1, 1882.

Caroline Hartt's husband, Jacob Day, had two daughters from a previous marriage.  Caroline (the wife) died within weeks of giving birth; their only daughter died just over a year later at the residence of her grandfather, Reverend Samuel Hartt, Jr.

Aaron Hartt and Helen M. Libby had five children: Julius of Hartford, Connecticut; Mrs. Minnie Norris of Brockton, Massachusetts; Mrs. Helen Glreason of Woodstock, Ontario; Guy of South Weymouth, Massachusetts; and Reverend Bertrand of Groton, South Dakota.

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