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Joel Hart and Anna


Joel Hart was born June 28, 1803, in Dublin, New Hampshire.  He was the fourth oldest son of David Hart and Lucy Page Hart.  On September 24, 1825, Joel married Anna Hardy, daughter of Thomas Hardy of Dublin, New Hampshire.


Joel Hart and Anna had three children: Lucy Hart, Joel Willard Hart, and Anna Eliza Hart.


Joel Hart lived in Dublin, New Hampshire until 1837.  At that time, he moved to Barry, Illinois and became a farmer there.


Sometime between 1833 and 1842, Joel married his second wife, Tryphena Gorton.


On February 28, 1877, Joel Hart died in Barry, Illinois.


Children born to Joel Hart and Anna Hardy Hart:

Lucy Hart Born November 16, 1826 Dublin, New Hampshire Lucy married James A. Smith of Barry on Nov. 2, 1847, a merchant.  Three children.  See notes below. 
Died August 5, 1871 Barry, Illinois
Joel Willard Hart Born September 11, 1830 Dublin, New Hampshire Joel Willard Hart married Caroline Brownwell on December 31, 1860.  Joel Willard and Caroline had four children.  See notes below.
Died After 1900 Barry, Illinois
Anna Eliza Hart Born March 29, 1833 Dublin, New Hampshire Anna married James Yancy of Barry, Illinois, on Dec. 2, 1852, a blacksmith by trade.  He died on Oct. 4, 1890, and Anna was still living in 1900.  No information about any children.
Died After 1900 Barry, Illinois

Children born to Joel Hart and Tryphena Gorton Hart:

Roger William Hart Born June 1842 Barry, Illinois Roger married Mary Ann Cochran, daughter of Thomas and Lucy Cochran.  They had two children.  See notes below.
Died After 1900 Barry, Illinois


Lucy Hart married James A. Smith of Barry, Illinois, November 2, 1847.  James Smith was a merchant and had resided in several places.  James died in August 1871, the same month that Lucy died, and is buried in Barry, Illinois.  Lucy Hart Smith and James A. Smith had three children: (1) George Smith, born in 1849, died in 1869; (2) Lizzie Smith, born July 8, 1856, married William Brownell, and lived in Iowa Park, Texas.  Lizzie Smith Brownell and William Brownell had five children: (2a) Margaret L. Brownell, (2b) Stella Viola Brownell, (2c) George Brownell, (2d) Anna Brownell, and (2e) Belle.  Lucy Hart Smith and James A. Smith's third child was (3) Wilmont Smith, born in 1859, and died in 1891 in Mexico.

Joel Willard Hart married Caroline Brownell, the daughter of Benjamin and Jane Rickey Brownwell, December 31, 1860.  Joel Willard Hart and his wife, Caroline Brownwell Hart, had four children:  (1) Anna Hart, born 1862, died 1864; (2) Henry Elbert Hart, born November 22, 1865, died July 6, 1886; (3) Edward Lewis Hart (see notes below); and (4) Jennie Hart born on March 23, 1851, was a school teacher in Barry.  Jennie Hart married Fred M. Strubinger, a farmer in Barry, Illinois, on December 14, 1898.  Jennie Hart and Fred Strubinger had two children: (4a) Lucian Hart Strubinger, born on September 23, 1899; and (4b) Julian Willard Strubinger, born on February 3, 1902.  

Edward Lewis Hart, the third child and second son of Joel Willard Hart and Caroline Brownwell Hart, was born in Barry, Illinois, on August 8, 1868. Edward Lewis Hart married Anna Fitch, daughter of Simeon and Eliza Fitch, on March 18, 1894.  Edward Lewis Hart was a farmer in Barry, Illinois.  Edward Lewis Hart and Anna Fitch Hart had three children:  (1) Lewis Fitch Hart, born April 15, 1895; (2) Hermon E. Hart, born on April 9, 1897; and (3) Raymond Joel Hart, born on October 19, 1901. 

Anna Eliza Hart married James Yancy of Barry, Illinois, on December 2, 1852.  James Yancy was a blacksmith by trade (an item in a 1871 edition of the Barry Adage states that Mr. James Yancy has been overhauling and repairing his blacksmith shop) and died on October 4, 1890.  Anna Eliza Hart Yancy was still living in 1900.  Anna Eliza Hart Yancy and James Yancy had three children; first (1) Rufus Willard Yancy, born 1853, married Maria Triplett on December 2, 1877, resided in Barry, Illinois in 1900, two children -- (1a) Lillian Yancy, married June 1903, B.F. Churchill of Denver, Colorado; (1b) Jane Glenard Yancy.  Anna and James Yancy's second child was (2) Stella L. Yancy, born February 1, 1859, married E. E. Gard in 1883, resided in (1903) St. Joseph, Missouri.  They had two children: Herman and Erold.  Anna and James Yancy's third child was (3) Selwyn Yancy, born 1863, died 1880.

Roger William Hart, son of Joel Hart and his second wife, Tryphena Gorton Hart, married Mary Ann Cochran, daughter of Thomas and Lucy Cochran.  They had two children: (1) Willie Ernest Hart, born August 13, 1870, married Celia Parks, daughter of Joseph Parks, and resided in Barry, Illinois.  Willie and Celia had one child: (1a) Russell Dean Hart born November 22, 1901.  Roger Hart and Mary Ann's second child was (2) Laura Dean Hart; she was unmarried in 1903.

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