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Abraham Burnham



Abraham Burnham was the fourth child born to Jonathan Burnham and Elizabeth Proctor Burnham in 1747.  


Abraham married twice.  Abraham's first wife was Susan Perkins.  Susan was born in 1743.  Abraham and Susan had six children.


Abraham's second wife was Lydia Bradley; they were married on September 17, 1779 in Haverhill, Essex, Massachusetts.  Lydia was born on May 17, 1751 and died on February 12, 1852.  Abraham and Lydia had six children.  Most of the children were born in Rumney, Grafton, New Hampshire.


Abraham died on July 19, 1814

Children born to Abraham Burnham and Susan Perkins Burnham:
Joseph Burnham Born     Married Molly Clark.
Died 1838  
Abraham Burnham Born     Married Nancy Blair
Jonathan Burnham Born January 2, 1768   Married Susanna Hall
Died November 12, 1822  
Samuel Burnham Born March 17, 1772   Married Susan Perkins, b. 1743.
Died October 7, 1839  
Abigail Burnham Born February 24, 1776   Married Jeremiah Tilton
Francis Burnham Born February 1778   Married Phoebe Hubbard
Died 1833  
Children born to Abraham Burnham and Lydia Bradley Burnham:
Isaac Bradley Burnham Born July 21, 1781   Married Eunice Hurd
Died April 13, 1846  
Lydia Burnham Born December 17, 1783   Married Joseph Hall
Susan Perkins Burnham Born August 9, 1785 Rumney, Grafton, New Hampshire Married Henry Hall III, b. Jan 29, 1786, d. between Nov. 1825-1826
Died December 7, 1866 Groton, Caledonia, VT
Jacob Burnham Born August 19, 1789   Married Mary Swan
Benjamin Burnham Born December 26, 1791   Married Hannah Jackson
Moses Burnham Born November 19, 1795   Married Virtue Spencer Hall, b. May 2, 1800, d. Nov. 14, 1872; four children: George, Thomas, Thomas, Benjamin

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