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Samuel Hart Jr. and Hepsibar


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Samuel Hart, born in Lynn, Massachusetts, the section that is now Lynnfield, on October 30, 1698.  He was the second son of Capt. Samuel and Sarah Endicott Hart.  He married Hepsibar Eaton in Lynn, Massachusetts.  Hepsibar was born on August 28, 1712, to William Eaton Jr., and his wife, Mary.

Samuel Hart resided in Lynn and, about 1752, moved to Lunenburg, Massachusetts, as shown by deeds thus: " I, Joseph Eaton of Lynn, Mass., Gentleman, For 250 Pounds Paid by Samuel Hart of Lynn, yeoman, Sell land lying in Lunenburg, county of Worcester, Mass., 50 acres, dated 7th day of November, 1752. Signed Joseph Eaton."  Recorded at Worcester, Mass., book 38, page 531.

Another deed: "I, Joseph Eaton of Lynn, for 25 Pounds Paid by Samuel
Hart Jr., the son of Samuel Hart and his wife Hepsibar Hart, of Lynn,
land in Narragansett Township, county of Worcester, Mass.  Dated 5th day of August, 1754.  Signed Joseph Eaton."  Recorded at Worcester, Mass., book 40, page 83.

Administration of Samuel Hart's estate in Lunenburg, Massachusetts, was granted to Joseph Eaton of Lynn by Hepsibar Hart, widow of Samuel Hart, in a letter of appointment dated December 28, 1758.  That document was recorded at Worcester, Massachusetts, in case 27, 614, series A.

No records of Samuel Hart's death have been found.  Hepsibar is thought to have remarried to a Daniel Sawyer, published at Reading, Mass., May 1775.


Children born to Samuel Hart and Hepsibar Eaton Hart:

Thomas Hart Born   Lynn (or Saugus), Massachusetts Married Anna Noyes on November 14, 1762; they had no children.  See notes below.
Samuel Hart Jr. Born about 1736 Lynn (or Saugus), Massachusetts Married Mary Fuller on April 20, 1758 at Lunenburg, Massachusetts
Died October 22, 1770 Lunenburg, Massachusetts
Ebenezer Hart Born about 1738 Lynn (or Saugus), Massachusetts Married Sarah Pool on May 4, 1758; settled in Deerfield, Mass., as a farmer.
Tabitha Hart Born about 1740 Lynn (or Saugus), Massachusetts Married Jonathan Stedman in Lunenburg, Massachusetts on September 8, 1761.
Died about 1809  


Thomas Hart is mentioned in his Uncle Thomas Hart's will of Lynn, Mass. which was probated March 30, 1730-31, book 319, pages 189 to192. Recorded at Salem, Mass.

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