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Aaron and Charlotte Hartt


Aaron Hartt was born, in 1786, in Maugerville, Sunbury County, New Brunswick.  He was a son of Reverend Samuel Henry Alline Hartt and his wife, Mary Estabrooks.  He was a farmer in Kingsclear, New Brunswick and a Baptist minister. 


Aaron married Charlotte Hartt Estey about 1811 in Kingsclear, York County, New Brunswick.  Charlotte was born on March 10, 1785, at Kingsclear, New Brunswick.  Charlotte was the daughter of John Estey and Molly "Mary" Hartt.


Charlotte's father, John Estey, was a farmer.  John married Molly "Mary" Mercy Hartt, a sister of Samuel Henry Alline Hartt.  Charlotte's mother and Aaron's father were brother and sister.  They had thirteen children.


Aaron died in Kingsclear on April 26, 1866.  He was buried in Dumfries Cemetery just up river from Kingsclear.  Charlotte died in Kingsclear on February 26, 1868.


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Charlotte's ancestors accused of witchcraft in 1692

Children born to Aaron Hartt and Charlotte Estey Hartt:

Jarvis William Hartt Born July 12, 1812 Kingsclear, New Brunswick Married Prudence Boardman Brown on July 11, 1839, in Fredericton, NB.
Died June 30, 1873 St. John, New Brunswick
Richard Estey Hartt Born 1817 Kingsclear, New Brunswick Married Mary Fowler.  See notes below.
Died 1875 Spring Hill, York County, New Brunswick
Mary Elizabeth Hartt Born 1818 Kingsclear, New Brunswick Married Tillotson Chandler Libby on August 28, 1839, in Kingsclear, NB.
Died   In the state of Maine
Charlotte Caroline Hartt Born 1819 Kingsclear, New Brunswick Married Ebenezer Haines Libby on January 5, 1849.  See notes below.  
Aaron Samuel Hartt Born April 16, 1820 Spring Hill, York Co., NB Married Catherine Susanna Dayton on May 11, 1848
Died May 24, 1879 Wilmot, York Co., NB
Hannah Jane Hartt Born about 1821 Kingsclear, York Co., New Brunswick Married (1) Henry Allan Estabrooks, and (2) ___ Nugent.  See notes below.
Died   In the state of Maine
Frances Ruth Hartt Born April 1823 Kingsclear, New Brunswick Married Reverend Gilbert Currey Dykeman.  See notes below.
Died 1911 Queens County, New Brunswick
Sarah Ann Hartt Born 1824   Never married.
Died September 20, 1843 Kingsclear, York Co., N.B.


Richard Estey Hartt, a blind farmer, lived at Spring Hill, York County, New Brunswick.  Richard married Mary Fowler, a singer, and they had seven children (all born at Spring Hill): (1) Laura Hartt, b. 1859; (2) Sarah Hartt, b. 1864, m. John Chambers on April 14, 1887; (3) William Dell Hartt, b. 1865, m. Robina Gertrude Kelly, d. 1934, Fredericton, NB; William Dell Hartt and Robina had two children: (3a) James Elmore Hartt, b. 1908, Marysville, NB, d. 1979, Frederiction, NB; and (3b) Margaret Fay Hartt, b. abt. 1921, d. 1962; (4) Alfred Hartt, b. 1866; (5) Mary Elizabeth Hartt, b. 1868, a singer; (6) Hedley Hartt, b. 1869; and (7) Aaron Hartt, b. 1871.

Mary Elizabeth Hartt and Tillotson Libby had two children (both born in Leeds, Maine):  (1) Emma Eugenia Libby, b. August 21, 1853, m. Benjamin H. Boynton, on Nov. 22, 1869, d. March 1873, in North Rumford, Maine; Emma and Benjamin had one child: Elnora Harriet Boynton, b. October 17, 1872.  And (2) Frederick Ebenezer Libby, b. Feb. 18, 1860, m. Jeanette Rebecca Smith, Sept. 21, 1878, d. Aug. 11, 1917, in Fairfield, Maine.  Frederick and Jeanette had seven children: (2a) Guy Libby, b. abt. 1880, died as an infant; (2b) Stella Libby, b. Dec. 31, 1884; (2c) Gertrude Libby, b. April 27, 1886; (2d) Tillotson C. Libby, b. July 6, 1890; (2e) Sarah Libby, b. Nov. 24, 1892; (2f) Clara Libby, b. Feb. 10, 1897; and (2g) Frederick Walter Libby, b. Oct. 22, 1898.

Charlotte Caroline Hartt married Ebenezer Haines Libby on January 5, 1849.  Ebenezer was, first, a lumberman on the St. Croix River and, second, a farmer.  Charlotte and Ebenezer had ten children: (1) Emily Jane Libby, b. September 13, 1849, Kingsclear, York County, New Brunswick, d. December 8, 1869; (2) Sarah Albitenah Libby, b. July 20, 1851, Leeds, Maine; (3) Charlotte Ludoska Libby, b. December 13, 1852; d. December 20, 1861; (4) Aaron Haines Libby, b. March 3, 1855, Fredericton, New Brunswick; m. Annie Laurie Vail, Oct. 6, 1882, in Brockway, New Brunswick; d. December 19, 1901, Brockway York County New Brunswick.  Aaron and Annie had five children: (4a)Claire Libby, b. 1882, Brockway, NB; (4b) Helen Ebenette Libby, b. 1884, Brockway, NB; (4c) Aletenah Seavey Libby, b. Jan. 17, 1892, Fredericton, NB; (4d) Jamie Linton Libby, b. April 17, 1896, Brockway, NB; and (4e) Aaron Mouton Libby, b. Nov. 29, 1901, Brockway, NB; (5) Charles Fremont Libby, b. January 3, 1857; (6) George Frederick Libby, b. February 28, 1860, Kingsclear, York County, New Brunswick; (7) Olivia Libby, b. February 2, 1862; (8) Stephen Ulysses Libby, b. July 1, 1864; (9) Henry Artemas Libby, b. January 15, 1866; and (10) Caroline Armitta Libby, b. August 1, 1868.

Hannah Jane Hartt married (1) Henry A. Estabrooks, a farmer (born in 1821), on June 29, 1859, at her father's home in Kingsclear, and lived in Fredericton; Hannah also married (2) someone with the last name Nugent.  Hannah Jane Hartt and Henry Estabrooks had eight children: (1) Henry Estabrooks, (2) Allan J. Estabrooks, (3) Henry E. Estabrooks, (4) Laura Estabrooks, (5) Ellen Estabrooks, all of whom died very young and were buried in Fredericton; (6) Ward Hackett Estabrooks; (7) Francis Estabrooks, moved to the U.S.; and (8) Mary Jane Estabrooks, married and is believed to have moved to the U.S.

Frances Ruth Hartt married Reverend Gilbert Currey Dykeman, the son of Gilbert Dykeman and Eunice Currey.  Frances died in 1911 and is buried in the Dykeman Cemetery, Jemseg, NB, on land owned by the Dykeman family since the 1790s.  Frances Ruth Hartt and Gilbert Currey Dykeman had eight children: (1) Phoebe Ann Dykeman, b. about 1848, Queens Co., NB; (2) Charles Duvernet Dykeman, b. November 13, 1850, Jemseg, Queens Co., NB, d. January 13, 1916, Queens Co., NB, married twice (first) Euphemia Barbara Brown, after 1876, and m. (second) Cordelia B. Cottle, November 2, 1876; (3) Tillotson Libby Dykeman, b. May 25, 1852, Jemseg, Queens Co., NB, d. April 4, 1927, Jemseg, Queens Co., NB; (4) Alonzo T. Dykeman, b. May 31, 1854, Waterborough,  Queens Co., NB, d. October 11, 1921, Queens Co., NB; he was a minister. (5) Clarence Dunbar Dykeman, b. 1857, Jemseg, Queens Co., NB, d. September 14, 1896, Jemseg, Queens Co., NB; he was a sea captain. (6) Merinda J. Dykeman, b. 1859, Jemseg, Queens Co., NB, d. April 14, 1879, Jemseg, Queens Co., NB, m. Abner Jones, February 22, 1879, Queens Co., New Brunswick; (7) Milbur Dykeman, b. Abt. 1861, Jemseg, Queens Co., NB; and (8) Aaron Dykeman, b. 1861, Jemseg, Queens Co., NB.

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