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Sarah Hartt and William Perley


Sarah Hartt, daughter of Thomas and Phoebe Hartt, was born on August 25, 1814 (1815).  She married William Edward Perley on April 13, 1837.


William Edward Perley was born on March 25, 1815, at Maugerville, Sunbury County, N.B.  He was born of colonial Welsh-Puritan, pre-Loyalist ancestry and educated at the Maugerville Public School.


“William E. Perley of Sunbury County, is the father of the local Legislature.  He was born in Maugerville in 1915 and when quite young moved to Blissville where he spent 58 years as a farmer and lumber operator.


Honorable W.E. Perley was a member of the Executive Council from 1862-1865 and again from 1874-1878.  He sat in the House Assembly from 1854-1870 when he was defeated but was reelected at general elections of 1874-1878 and 1890.  He is Conservative, in politics but ran his last election as an independent and was in opposition to the Government.  He was an unsuccessful candidate for the House of Commons at the general election of 1867.  He is a Free Church Baptist. “  -- Vital Statistics From New Brunswick (Canada) Newspapers


A grand daughter of Hon. W. E. and Sarah Perley, Laura Perley became the wife of Andrew D. McCain of Florenceville, N.B.  Their family has been prominent in agriculture and various other enterprises of which the best known is the frozen food industry.


Sarah died, at her residence in Blissville, NB, on March 11, 1885, at 71 yrs of age.  William Edward Perley died on June 6, 1899.  Both are buried in the Blissville Cemetery.

Children born to William Edward Perley and Sarah Hartt:

William Dell Born February 6, 1838   Married Phoebe Augusta Slipp on September 20, 1860
Died July 15, 1909  
George Hayward Born December 19, 1839    
Died October 17, 1840  
Thomas Endicott Born October 9, 1841   Never married
George Albert Born April 22, 1843   M.L.A. Sunbury County, NB (1911-1917)
Died March 6, 1934  
Charlotte Hayward Born March 27, 1845   Married Thomas Bridges
Duncan Wellington Born February 10, 1847   Settled in Nevada and became a State Senator
Elizabeth Hartt Born November 13, 1848   Nurse; unmarried
Died January 1934  
Daniel Edward Born September 22, 1850   Unmarried
Died October 13, 1899  
Anna Sarah Lovatt Born October 31, 1857   Married (1) Henry S. Miles and (2) Jacob D. Grant

Notes:   William Dell Perley and his wife, Phoebe Augusta Slipp, had three sons and three daughters.  He was M. P. for Saskatchewan (1887-1888) and Senator (1888-1909)

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