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John Hart and Elizabeth


John Hart was born on July 22, 1800 to Daniel Hart Jr. and Polly Marshall Hart.  John married Elizabeth Butterfield Lock, of West Cambridge, Massachusetts, on December 4, 1830 in Arlington, Massachusetts.  Elizabeth was born in 1806 and she died on February 25, 1851.


John died on April 19, 1854 in Townsend, Massachusetts.

Children born to John Hart and  Elizabeth Butterfield Lock Hart:

John Lock Hart Born January 11, 1831 Townsend, Massachusetts Married Sarah Ann Haniford, Nov. 11, 1854; three children but only one lived to be an adult
Died May 26, 1862 Townsend, Massachusetts
George Lock Hart Born May 24, 1835 Townsend, Massachusetts Married at Townsend, by Rev. Thomas B. Treadwell, June 21, 1857, Amanda Hildreth, daughter of John and Sophia Hildreth of Townsend.  Four children.
Died 1925  
Albert M. Hart Born March 23, 1837 Townsend, Massachusetts Moved to Virginia City, Montana to be a miner; apparently unmarried.
Samuel Bailey Hart Born March 23, 1839 Townsend, Massachusetts Married Jan. 3, 1860, Julia Ann Chaffin, daughter of Joseph Chaffin of Townsend.  Two children.
Isaac Lincoln Hart Born March 6, 1843 Townsend, Massachusetts Married at Townsend, by Rev. Willard Upham, Jan. 14, 1867, Hannah Alice Evens, age 19 years, born in Townsend, daughter of Hosea and Elizabeth Evens.  One son.  Isaac was killed in the explosion of a mill.
Died April 19, 1872 Townsend, Massachusetts
Daniel A. Hart Born March 6, 1843 Townsend, Massachusetts Married at Belmont, Mass., by Rev. Amos Smith, Nov. 17, 1870, Maria Cheney, age 25 years, born in Watertown, Mass., daughter of Isaac H. and Mary A. Cheney.  Two children.
William Henry Hart Born June 14, 1845 Townsend, Massachusetts Married Oct. 25, 1871, Frances Sybyl Shaw, b. Feb. 7, 1850, in New Bedford. Mass., daughter of Job L. and Phebe Ashley Shaw.  Lived in Saginaw, Michigan; worked as treasurer of the Bay Port Stone Quarries and Lime Kilns company of Michigan.  One child.
Died after 1900 Saginaw, Michigan
Edwin Dana Hart Born March 18, 1848 Townsend, Massachusetts Moved to Virginia City, Montana; apparently unmarried.
Caroline E. Hart Born September 7, 1850 Townsend, Massachusetts Died as a child
Died September 19, 1851 Townsend, Massachusetts

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