1 [Isaac],  2 [Captain Samuel],  3 [Jonathan],  4 [Samuel Henry Alline],  5 [Aaron]

Aaron Samuel Hartt

Aaron Samuel Hartt - 1877



Son of Aaron Hartt and Charlotte Estey Hartt.


The following information was taken from Aaron Samuel Hartt’s
record of genealogy in his Bible 1872.


Born:  April 16, 1820
Place:  Spring Hill, York County, New Brunswick, Canada


Died:       May 24, 1879        Wilmot, York Co., New Brunswick

Married:   May 11, 1848        Catherine Susanna Dayton 


The marriage ceremony was performed by Reverend R. Knight, a Wesleyan minister, in the presence of  T. C. Libby and Charles G. Clark at Douglas, York County, New Brunswick.


Aaron Samuel Hartt was a school teacher in a one-room schoolhouse near Woodstock, New Brunswick.  He taught Latin, Greek, and English.

Catherine Susanna Dayton

Catherine Susanna Dayton Hartt


Born:  April 22, 1828,  Douglas, York County, New Brunswick

Died:  August 5, 1875, Douglas, York County, NB, of consumption

Father:  William M. Dayton (1794-1871)

Mother:  Susanne McGibbon (1791-1877)

Siblings:  Samuel McGibbon Dayton (1824 -1894)(married twice: Miriam Leah Hanselpacker, and Olivia Gilman), Mary Ann Dayton (married Charles Clark), Margaret Gaynor Dayton (married Benjamin Yerxa), and William M. Dayton (married twice: Amelia Faichey, and Susan Gilman)


Catherine Susanna Dayton's maternal grandfather, Captain David MacGibbon, a retired British officer, had a large grant of land in Douglas, York County, New Brunswick.  He was appointed Justice of the Peace with authority to solemnize marriage under the Episcopal form.  He married Ann McGregor (or "Drummond" assumed after the defeat of Charles the Pretender to the throne).


Captain David MacGibbon and Ann McGregor had four children: Susanne McGibbon, married William Dayton, a farmer and a Methodist; Ann McGibbon, married Nicholas Murray of Kingsclear, NB; John McGibbon, a farmer on the east-half of the family homestead, married Mary Nevens; and Alexander McGibbon (1795-1841), a farmer on the west-half of the family homestead, married Emma Yerxa.


Catherine Susanna Dayton's paternal grandfather, Samuel Dayton (1760-1796), was the second Postmaster of Salisbury, North Carolina.  Samuel was born in Newport, Rhode Island, in 1759, to Isaac Dayton (1720-1804) and Mary Heaton (1716-1793).  Samuel married Catherine Gaynor on July 22, 1781.  Samuel died on February 16, 1796 leaving his widow, Catherine, with two children: Catherine Dayton, never married, lived with her mother, taught school, and died in Fredericton, NB; and William, a farmer in Douglas, York County, NB.  William (1794-1871) married Susanne McGibbon (1791-1877).  They had the following children: Mary Ann Dayton, married Charles J. Clark, a tanner; Margaret Gaynor Dayton, married Benjamin Yerxa, a merchant in Fredericton, NB; Samuel McGibbon Dayton, a merchant in St. Mary's Ferry, NB, married (1) Miriam Leah Hanselpacker, (she died leaving Samuel with seven or eight children); and (2) Olivia Gilman, by whom he had three more children; and William M. Dayton, farmer, married (1) Amelia Faichey, bore four children, and (2) Susan Gilman, bore two more children.


John Allison Hartt Born April 19, 1849 Spring Hill, York Co. N. B. Died as a child; age 4.
Died May 2, 1853 Woodstock, Carlton Co. N. B.
William Charles Hartt Born June 20, 1851 Woodstock, Carlton Co., N.B. Married Letitia Ann Wilson on May 20, 1885.
Died May 14, 1940 Tacoma, Washington
Charlotte Annie Hartt Born April 14, 1854 Spring Hill, York Co. N.B. Married Arthur B. Lewis; no children.
Died June 21, 1930 Perth, Victoria Co. N. B.
Ella May Hartt Born Jan. 14, 1857 Spring Hill, York Co. N. B. Died as a child; age 2.
Died Aug. 3, 1859 Douglas, York Co. N. B.
Henry Clarence Hartt Born July 20, 1859 Douglas, York Co. N. B. Died as a child; age 7.
Died Feb. 28, 1867 St. Mary’s Ferry, York Co. N. B.
Mary Alberta Hartt Born July 3, 1863 Marysville, York County, N.B. Married (1) Carl Emil Johnson and (2) John Johnson
Died October 5, 1919 Tacoma, Washington
Carrie Amelia Hartt Born January 29, 1866 Marysville, York Co. N. B. Married James Watson McPhail, in Perth, New Brunswick, on April 28, 1891.
Died December 1939 Perth, New Brunswick
Grace Augusta Hartt Born June 23, 1870 St. Mary’s Ferry, York Co. N. B. No information available.


Charlotte Annie Hartt was a school teacher and the first sibling to move to Tacoma.  She married Arthur Lewis; he died in Tacoma, Washington on September 14, 1924

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