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Rupert King Greenlaw and Minnie Lawlor


Rupert and Minnie Greenlaw -- 1953


Rupert King Greenlaw was born on May 20, 1900.  He was the fifth of six children born to Mary Etta and Gilman Greenlaw.


Rupert married Mary Helena "Minnie" Lawlor.  She was the daughter of William James Vincent Lawlor and Mary Helena McGinley.  Rupert and Minnie had one child, Camilla Theresa Greenlaw.


Minnie Lawlor Greenlaw was born on September 20, 1900.  She married Rupert Greenlaw on October 6, 1924, and died of pneumonia, at the age of 66, on September 17, 1967, in St. Mary's Hospital in Livonia, Michigan.  Services were conducted in the Harry J. Will Funeral Home and the St. John Bosco Church in charge of Rev. Fr. Sheltreau with burial in Holy Sepulchre Cemetery.


Rupert died, about two years after Minnie, at the age of 69, as the result of an automobile accident in Detroit, Michigan, on October 17, 1969.  Funeral services were held in St. John Bosco Church and burial was in Holy Sepulchre Cemetery.

Children born to Rupert King Greenlaw and Mary Helena "Minnie" Lawlor:

Camilla Theresa Born [Living] St. John, New Brunswick Married Dahlmer Elder White, the son of Jacob Bausal White and Leota Lena Elder, on July 1, 1947.

Notes:  Camilla and Dahlmer had seven children:  Dahlmer Michael White (married with one daughter); Cynthia Elaine White Tanguay (married with five children and two grandchildren); Kathleen Jill White Leipprandt (married with two children); Mark Jay White (died as an infant); Alison (now, Allison) Noel White Carey (married with two daughters); Chris Lauren White (married with two sons); and Adrienne Renee White Kaufman (married with three children).

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