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Thomas E. and Adeline Hartt


Mary Adeline Perley

Thomas Endicott Hartt, the son of Thomas and Phoebe Hartt, was born on August 25, 1818.  He  married Mary Adeline Perley on April 18, 1839, in Blissville, Sunbury County.  Adeline, as she was known,  was born on April 16, 1821, and she was the only daughter of the late T. Perley.  Adeline died on July 10, 1873.


Later, Thomas married  Elizabeth Peabody.  She was born in 1834.  Her parents lived in southern New Brunswick, in the Rusagornis area, not far from Maugerville.


Thomas  was referred to as Squire Thomas E. Hartt.  He was a magistrate.  He died September 29, 1890, and is buried in the Blissville Cemetery.


Children born to Thomas Endicott Hartt and Adeline Perley Hartt:

David Wellington Born 1843 Blissville, New Brunswick Married Charlotte Amanda Adams (1860-1940)
Died 1901  
Edward Perley Born 1847 Blissville, New Brunswick Married Susan Mary Duchesnay (1876-1962) on June 27, 1894, in Sudbury County, N.B.
Died 1917  
Alfred Ernest Born 1849 Blissville, New Brunswick Married Jennie Mersereau in 1885.
Died October 10, 1924 St. John, New Brunswick
Theodosia Adriana Born June 1, 1860 Blissville, New Brunswick Married Charles Berton Tupper Lockhart
Died July 3, 1921 St. John, New Brunswick

Notes:  Theodosia Adriana Hartt and Charles Berton Tupper Lockhart had at least three children:  Nellie "Helen" Alberta Lockhart (January 26, 1887- September 12, 1946), married Johnson Berton Clark; Murray Lockhart (1890-1891), died in infancy; and Alice Tupper Lockhart (1893-1963).

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