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Nathaniel Foy Hart and Clarissa


Nathaniel Foy Hart was born on April 24, 1801 in Dublin, New Hampshire.  He was the third oldest son of David Hart and Lucy Page Hart.  Nathaniel married Clarissa Hill in 1825.  Clarissa was born on October 12, 1800 and she was the daughter of John Hill and Susanna Harwood Hill.  


Nathaniel Foy Hart lived for a time in Dublin, New Hampshire and Ashburnham, Massachusetts.  Nathaniel Foy Hart emigrated to the state of Illinois in 1838, and settled on section 27, in Barry township, Pike county.  He was engaged in farming and stock raising. 


Nathaniel died on May 12, 1884.  Clarissa died on August 3, 1883.

Children born to Nathaniel Foy Hart and Clarissa Hill Hart:

Nathaniel Page Hart Born February 6, 1826 Dublin, New Hampshire Married Lucy A. Blair, b. 1830 in Barry, in 1850.  See notes below.
Isaac Hart Born April 26, 1827 Dublin, New Hampshire  Married Sally Ann Gorton on Sept. 6, 1860.  She was born on Aug. 21, 1841 and daughter of C.R. and Charlotte C. Richardson Gorton of Barry, Illinois.  See notes below. 
Olando Hill Hart Born 1829 Dublin, New Hampshire  Married (1) Jenetta West in 1847, and (2) Mary Jane Blair in April of 1854.
Died 1879 Barry, Illinois
Clarissa Hart Born June 22, 1833 Dublin, New Hampshire Married Samuel Davis; eight children: Stephen, Lillian May, Nathaniel R., Ernest H., Clara Belle, Anna, Samuel C., and David D.
Norman Hart Born March 12, 1840 Barry, Illinois  Married Sally Underwood.  Two children: Eliza Hart, unmarried; and Mary Hart, married Granville Hart (typo?).  Mary Hart Hart died in March 1898.
Died June 28, 1900 Barry, Illinois
Granville Hart Born June 12, 1845 Barry, Illinois Married Mary Garrett of Barry, born March 12, 1837, daughter of Samuel Garrett.  See notes below.
Died After 1900  


Nathaniel Page Hart was born in the state of New Hampshire in the year 1826, and remained with his parents until the year 1846, at which time he was among the first to respond to the call of the president of the United States for volunteers to support the government in the war with Mexico, and joined the seventh regiment of Illinois infantry, and served under General Price through the war, and was honorably discharged in the year 1848. He then returned to Pike county, Illinois, and again engaged to labor on his father's farm, where he remained until the year 1850, when he was married to Miss Lucy A. Blair, daughter of Hon. Samuel and Lucy A. Blair, and who was born in the year 1830, being the first white child born in Barry township. Immediately after his marriage, Mr. Hart settled on a farm in section 26, Barry township, engaged in farming and stock raising.  Nathaniel Page Hart commenced life in ordinary circumstances, and, though comparatively a young man, through a course of steady industry, close application to business, and good management, he has become one of the leading men of Barry township, and has frequently been chosen to fill important offices in his township, the duties of which he has always discharged to the full satisfaction of his many friends. He is a man of enterprise and energy, and is now the owner of a very fine residence, as shown by the lithographic views in this work.  Nathaniel Page Hart fathered eight children: George B., born in 1858; Lucy E., born in 1860; Anna L., born in 1862; William N., born in 1865; and Clara B., the baby, born in 1867.

Isaac Hart and Sally Ann Gorton Hart had four children: Clara Sylvia Hart, born July 4, 1861; Lotta Maria Hart, born Aug. 18, 1866, married on Jan. 18, 1899 to George Glattfield; Frank Isaac Hart, born Aug. 14, 1872; and Fred Caleb Hart, born Sept. 4, 1877.

Granville Hart and Mary Garrett Hart had four children: Mary Bell Hart, born in 1867, married John Tillman; Mattie Joanna Hart, married John Earley; Margaret Hart; and Josephine Hart, born in 1872.

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