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David Hart and Lucy


David Hart was born on June 6, 1773, in Reading, Massachusetts.  He was the second oldest son of Daniel Hart and Bethiah MacKintire Hart.  David married Lucy Page on June 21, 1796 in Asburnham, Massachusetts.  Lucy was the daughter of Jonathan Page of Fitchburg, Massachusetts.  


David Hart lived for a time in Ashburnham and, later, in Dublin, New Hampshire.  In 1841, David moved to Barry, Illinois where he was a farmer.


David died on January 17, 1851.  Both David and Lucy are buried in Barry, Illinois.

Children born to David Hart and Lucy Page Hart:

Jacob Hart Born March 5, 1797 Ashburnham, Massachusetts Married Susan Williams in 1821; Susan died Sept. 22, 1855.  See notes below.
Died October 10, 1853 North Charlestown, New Hampshire
David Hart, Jr. Born April 10, 1799 Dublin, New Hampshire Married Eliza Griggs.  See notes below.
Nathaniel Foy Hart Born April 14, 1801 Dublin, New Hampshire Married Clarissa Hill.
Died May 12, 1884 Barry, Illinois
Joel Hart Born June 28, 1803 Dublin, New Hampshire Married (1) Anna Hardy; three children, and (2) Tryphena Gorton; one child.
Died February 28, 1877 Barry, Illinois
Lucy Hart Born August 24, 1808 Lunenburg, Massachusetts Married David Morrison Prescott; three children.  See notes below.
Died December 8, 1893 Lunenburg, Massachusetts 
Sewell Page Hart Born June 13, 1813 Dublin, New Hampshire Married Mary Ann Bemis on October 18, 1836, in Keene, New Hampshire.  They apparently had children; no information available.
Norman Hart Born November 5, 1817 Dublin, New Hampshire Married Emily Greenwood of Marlborough, New Hampshire, on October 18, 1836, in Keene, New Hampshire.  Double wedding with brother above.


Jacob Hart married Susan Williams, daughter of Abijah and Susan Williams of Cornish, New Hampshire, in 1821.  In 1824, Jacob Hart went from Dublin to North Charlestown, N.H.; was a farmer, and for many years was largely engaged in hog, sheep and cattle raising. After his death, Susan went to Plymouth, Massachusetts to live with her daughter, Mrs. Pickard. Susan died Sept. 22, 1855

David Hart Jr. married Eliza Griggs; their children include:  (1) unknown son, (2) David Griggs Hart, and (3) Mary Slade Hart.

Lucy Hart married David Morrison Prescott on December 6, 1838.  David Prescott was born July 29, 1809 and died on August 3, 1867.  The couple lived in Barry, Illinois for a few years but returned to live in Massachusetts.  Lucy Hart Prescott and David Prescott had three children: (1) James Hart Prescott, born April 25, 1842, in Barry, Illinois and died June 26, 1847; (2) Amanda Catherine Prescott, born January 21, 1843, died May 19, 1894, was unmarried in 1903; and (3) Lucy Page Prescott, born March 22, 1845, in Barry, Illinois, married Lawson G. Harrington in Boston, Massachusetts on June 27, 1876.  In 1903, they were residing at Worcester, Massachusetts.  Lucy Page Prescott Harrington and Lawson G. Harrington had six children:  (3a) Ethel Harrington, born April 13, 1877 and died May 18, 1884; (3b) Lawson Prescott Harrington, born July 21, 1879, died April 18, 1884; (3c) Clara May Harrington, born March 1, 1881, died April 24, 1884; (3d) Ida Lucy Harrington, born June 8, 1882; (3e) Ernest Herbert Harrington, born September 26, 1884, in Worcester, Massachusetts; and (3f) Elmer Cleza Harrington, born September 20, 1886, in Worcester, Massachusetts, died February 2, 1887.

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