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Joseph Hart Jr. and Mary


Joseph Hart Jr. was born in Lynnfield, Massachusetts on December 3, 1799.  He was the oldest son of Joseph Hart and Elizabeth Tapley Hart.


Joseph married Mary Richardson, daughter of Charles Richardson of South Reading, Massachusetts, on April 15, 1824.  They had two children: Joseph Lafayette Hart, born in 1825, and Mary Augusta Hart, born on December 3, 1827.  Both the 22-year-old mother and her young daughter died in 1828.  Mary Richardson Hart died on July 29, 1828 and Mary Augusta Hart, the daughter, at the age of one year and seven days, died on December 10, 1828.


On December 17, 1829, Joseph Hart Jr. married Harriet Davis Clark.  Harriet was born in Machias, Maine, and she was the daughter of Philip Clark and Sophia Fells Clark.  Both of Harriet's parents were born in Halifax, Nova Scotia.


Joseph and the family lived on the old Hart farm in Lynnfield, Massachusetts.  He died on February 20 but the year can not be confirmed; it could be 1852, 1862, or 1872.  Harriet died on December 23, 1873.

Children born to Joseph Hart Jr. and Mary Richardson Hart:

Joseph Lafayette Hart Born January 30, 1825 Lynnfield, Massachusetts Unmarried; died as a soldier in the Civil War.
Died December 1, 1862 Fort Pike, Louisiana
Mary Augusta Hart Born December 3, 1827 Lynnfield, Massachusetts Died as an child.
Died December 10, 1828 Lynnfield, Massachusetts

Children born to Joseph Hart Jr. and Harriet Davis Clark Hart:

Frederick Hart Born October 16, 1831 Lynnfield, Massachusetts Died as a teenager of typhoid fever.
Died October 22, 1844 Lynnfield, Massachusetts
Henry Jackson Hart Born October 14, 1833 Lynnfield, Massachusetts Married Lois Augusta Shute on Oct. 14, 1858; she, b. in Lynn, Mass., daughter of Benjamin and Lois Smith Shute.  Four children. Henry died of consumption; his widow was living in 1900.
Died December 25, 1891 Ipswich, Massachusetts 
Charles Nelson Hart Born August 10, 1835 Lynnfield, Massachusetts Married Sarah Kemberly Estes on November 3, 1859
Harriet Ann Hart Born October 11, 1837 Lynnfield, Massachusetts Died as a child.
Died November 7, 1844  
Emeline Augusta Hart Born July 11, 1840 Lynnfield, Massachusetts Unmarried.
Died After 1900 Lynnfield, Massachusetts
George Albert Hart Born October 7, 1843 Lynnfield, Massachusetts  
Died December 5, 1864  
Frederick Hart (twin) Born August 8, 1847 Lynnfield, Massachusetts Unmarried.
Died 1917 Lynnfield, Massachusetts
Frank Hart (twin) Born August 8, 1847 Lynnfield, Massachusetts Married Julia Adelaide Cowdrey on November 29, 1876.  No children.
Died 1917 Lynnfield, Massachusetts


Picture: Frederick Hart and Frank Hart

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