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Thomas Aaron and Alice Hartt



Thomas Aaron Hartt was born, on October 30, 1858, at Fredericton Junction, Sunbury County, NB, to Aaron and Margaret (Mary) Jane Alexander Hartt.  Aaron was a farmer; both Aaron and his wife were natives of New Brunswick.


The family had English Loyalist ancestry.  Actually the Hartt family had settled in the area before it became a refuge for Loyalists; they were considered pre-loyalists.


Thomas Aaron Hartt was educated at the Fredericton Junction Public School, and at the Provincial Normal School in Fredericton, NB, where he received a First Class Teacher's License.  Later, he attended a Business College in Saint John, NB.

Thomas Aaron Hartt taught school for a number of years, and finally located at St. Andrews, Charlotte County, NB, where he engaged in the mercantile business.


Thomas Aaron Hartt married Alice Maud Greenlaw on September 19, 1882.  Alice was born on September 19, 1861, and was the daughter of Moses Greenlaw, Esq., farmer, of Waweig, Charlotte County, NB.  Thomas Aaron and his wife raised a family of one son and one daughter.

He unsuccessfully contested Charlotte County for the House of Assembly of NB at the General Election of September 18, 1899.  He was first elected to the House of Assembly, as  one of the members for Charlotte County, at the General Election of February 28, 1903, and sat through that legislature.  He was re-elected at the General Election of March 3, 1908 and sat as a member until 1911, when he resigned his seat in order to contest Charlotte constituency for the House of Commons.

Thomas Aaron Hartt was first elected to the House of Commons, as member for the constituency of Charlotte, at the General Election of September 21, 1911.  He was re-elected at the General Election of November 17, 1917, and sat as member until the dissolution of Parliament, at which time, he retired from active political life.

Thomas Aaron Hartt died, July 13, 1930, at St. Andrews, New Brunswick, aged seventy-one years.  He was survived by one son and one daughter and is buried in the St. Andrews Rural Cemetery.

Alice Maud Greenlaw Hartt pre-deceased him; she died on May 6, 1927, aged sixty-five years.  She, too, is buried in the St. Andrews Rural Cemetery in New Brunswick.


Children born to Thomas Aaron Hartt and Alice Maud Greenlaw Hartt:

Percy Perley Born September 9, 1887 St. Andrews, NB Married Margaret; no children; an MD, lived in Michigan and Baltimore, Maryland.
Died October 24, 1955 Baltimore, Maryland
Charlotte W. Born August 2, 1878   Married Dr. James Frederick Worrell, DDS, on December 28, 1910.  He was from St. Andrews, N.B., and died there on April 12, 1945, at age 85.
Died March 3, 1951  

Notes:  Charlotte W. Hartt's marriage certificate uses the name "Lotty W. Hartt."  Charlotte and James Worrell had a son, Donald Hartt Worrell, born on January 11, 1913, in St. Andrews, New Brunswick.  Donald received a BA from the UNB and a MA from Columbia University.  Donald married Isabel McGillen on July 1940.  [Information on the living deleted]

Percy Perley Hartt was a graduate of the College of Physicians and Surgeons in Baltimore, Maryland.  He practiced in the Mining Hospital in Ishpeming, Michigan.  He married Margaret Duncan Simpson in 1915 before going overseas in the Canadian Army.  He had to give up the practice due to heart disease in Baltimore.  His wife, Margaret, died on December 15, 1955.

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