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Elizabeth Hartt and David Smith



Elizabeth Harttwas born in 1827 in Sunbury County, New Brunswick, to Thomas Hartt and Phoebe Phillips Hartt. 


Elizabeth married David H. Smith.  David was born in 1828 and the brother of Elizabeth's sister's, Mehusbel's, husband, Jared.  David was a gristmill proprietor.  Elizabeth and David only had one child, Caroline Celia "Carrie" Smith.


In 1877, the Smith family and the Nason family built a large house on the eastern side of Gore Road and on the rise overlooking Gullison Brook.  The size of the house can be appreciated when one realizes that it had seven upstairs bedrooms and two downstairs bedrooms.


Elizabeth died on April 24, 1901.  David died in 1917.   

Child born to Elizabeth Hartt Smith and David H. Smith:

Caroline Celia "Carrie" Smith Born October 8, 1852   Married Wesley Nason on June 17, 1875, in Tracy, NB.  They had four children.  See notes below.
Died 1885  


Caroline Celia "Carrie" Smith married Wesley Nason.  Wesley was born in 1844 in Rusagonis, NB to John Nason (1811-1862) and Elizabeth Sinclair (1814-1904).  Wesley is said to have been a strong man and a hard worker.  Both his farm and lumbering operations prospered.  He was also prominent in affairs of his church and municipality, representing Gladstone Parish on the Sunbury County Council -- 1891-1899, 1902, and 1903.  He was also one of the chief promoters of the Oromocto Coal Mining Company.  Carrie and Wesley had four children: (1) Parker Nason (1874-1967), Parker married Grace Mersereau, b. 1884, on August 25, 1909 in Sudbury, NB, two children; (2) Pennel Nason (1876-1942), married Hattie Webb, eleven children; (3) David S. Nason (1880-1881), died as a child; and (4) Helen (Sept. 2, 1878-1957), married Thomas Byron Hartt (Jan. 1, 1882-1950) on Sept. 2, 1903, four children.  After Carrie died in 1885, Wesley married Hattie Smith -- granddaughter of Thomas and Phoebe Hartt  -- Carrie's double cousin because both of their parents were brothers and sisters to each other.  Wesley died on April 15, 1903, leaving seven living children (Marshall Nason, Earl Nason, Bliss Nason, Carrie Nason, Ruth Nason, Blanche Nason -- later, died at 16 years of age from TB, and Victor Nason) and a pregnant wife (with Dana Nason).  Hattie married Wesley's brother, Parker Nason, and had three more children: Margaret Nason, Louis Nason, and Hollis Nason.

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