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Charles W. Hart and Anna


Charles W. Hart was born on April 12, 1862 in Barry, Illinois.  He was the fourth child of Olando Hill Hart and Mary Jane Blair Hart.  Charles married Anna E. Jennings on April 18, 1883.  Anna's parents were Jackson and Hannah Lippincott Jennings.


They had five children; all born in Barry, Illinois.

Children born to Charles W. Hart and Anna E. Jennings Hart:

Blanche Hart Born February 7, 1884 Barry, Illinois  
Zula Madge Hart Born August 27, 1887 Barry, Illinois Married Carl Cecil Likes.
Died February 1975  
Anna Grace Hart Born June 17, 1890 Barry, Illinois  
Glenn Jennings Hart Born October 11, 1892 Barry, Illinois  
Charles Jackson Hart Born December 6, 1897 Barry, Illinois  

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