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Molly Hartt and John Estey



Molly Hartt was born on November 6, 1750 to Jonathan Hartt and his wife, Mercy Hawkes Hartt.  Molly married John Endicott Estey on August 28, 1769, in Maugerville, Sunbury County, New Brunswick.  John was born on December 14, 1742, in Rowley, Essex County, Massachusetts.


John had moved from Rowley, Massachusetts, to Maugerville, New Brunswick in 1764 with his father and siblings, Zebulon, Richard, and Sarah.


According to the book, "The River St. John" by Reverend William Raymond, published in 1910 (pages 334-335), Zebulon Estey arrived in Maugerville, New Brunswick, on January 15, 1765, on the schooner of Captain Francis Peabody.  He paid 12 shillings for passage from Newburyport to St. John, New Brunswick.  In addition, he paid 13 shillings and 6 pence for "his club of cider" while on the voyage.  


After arrival in New Brunswick, Richard Estey and Sarah's husband, Thomas Barker, built a saw mill on a small creek near Middle Island.  


In 1779, they sold the saw mill.  Richard Estey signed a church covenant for a distinct church society.  At the same time, many people moved from Maugerville because of the spring flooding along the river.  Zebulon Estey moved to Gagetown.  Others, including Israel Estey, Moses Estey, and Amos Estey, moved across the river to Burton.

Molly died on January 29, 1825, in Kingsclear Parish, York County, New Brunswick.  John also died, in 1824, at Kingsclear Parish.

Children born to John Estey and Molly Hartt:

Sarah C. Estey Born August 29, 1770 Sheffield, Sudbury, NB Married George Cypher on April 8, 1790
Died 1857  
John Endicott Estey, Jr. Born October 17, 1771 Sheffield, Sudbury, NB Married Deborah _____
Died 1837  
Mary Brown Estey Born January 7, 1773 Sheffield, Sudbury, NB Died at 5 years of age.
Died May 29, 1777 Sheffield, Sudbury, NB
Ruth Everett Estey Born January 18, 1775 Sheffield, Sudbury, NB Married George Everett
Died November 13, 1830 Fredericton, NB
Mary (Mercy) Estey Born May 29, 1776 Sheffield, Sudbury, NB Died as a child
Died August 10, 1779 Sheffield, Sudbury, NB
Endicott Estey Born December 9, 1777 Sheffield, Sudbury, NB Married Hannah Churchill, daughter of Nathaniel Churchill and Elizabeth Ryder
Died August 16, 1848  
Aaron Estey Born May 16, 1779 Sheffield, Sudbury, NB Married Barbara Martha Brooks; born in 1783, died on April 23, 1859 in Nashwaaksis, York Co, NB.
Died October 2, 1850 Douglas, York County, NB
Jonathan Estey Born March 12, 1781   Married Ruth Amelia Hartt.  See notes below.
Died June 4, 1849 Simonds, Carleton Co., NB
Richard Estey Born May 27, 1783   Died at 23 years of age.
Died August 10, 1806  
Charlotte Hartt Estey Born March 10, 1785   Married Aaron Hartt
Died February 26, 1868  
William Estey Born January 11, 1787   Married Sarah Barker Smith, daughter of William Smith and Sarah Barker
Died June 16, 1871 Kingsclear, York County, NB
Elizabeth C. Estey Born June 20, 1789   Married Abraham Close on January 13, 1813.
Abel Thatcher Estey Born September 25, 1791   Married Nancy Anne Henderson, daughter of George Henderson, on January 1, 1819.
Died August 8, 1847 Fredericton, NB


Jonathan Estey and Ruth Amelia Hartt had a daughter, Charlotte (1819-1891), who married David Hartt.  They also had a son, Aaron Hartt Estey, born in 1829, died in 1882, buried in Woodlands Cemetery in Cambridge, Washington County, New York.  Aaron Hartt Estey married Louisa Jane Watson, born 1828, died 1917, parents: Daniel Watson, Elizabeth Wolverton.  Louisa Jane Watson Estey is buried in the same cemetery. 

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