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Halloway and Mary Hart



Halloway Hart, born in Shelburne, Massachusetts, on October 4, 1804.  Halloway was the fourth son of Ebenezer and Esther Robbins Hart.  Halloway married Mary Carter on April 14, 1830.  Mary Carter was born in 1806 in Warwick, Rhode Island.  Mary was the daughter of Benjamin and Mary Burnett Carter.  She died on May 10, 1835 about two weeks after giving birth to her third child, Mary Maria Hart.


After Mary's passing, Halloway married Eliza I. Root on March 16, 1836.  Eliza was born on June 14, 1807 in Montague, Massachusetts.  She was the daughter of Solomon and Nancy R. Root.  Halloway and Eliza had one child together.

Mr. Hart resided for a time at Shelburne, Massachusetts and, later, at Greenfield, Massachusetts.  Like his father, Halloway was a carpenter by trade.  Halloway died of consumption on June 12, 1870 at age 65 years, 8 months, and 8 days.  His widow died March 7, 1884 at age 76 years, 8 months, and 23 days at Montague, Massachusetts.

Children born to Halloway Hart and Mary Carter Hart:

Charles Dwight Hart Born January 12, 1831 Shelburne, Massachusetts Married (1) Lucy Reed Jenkins on May 1, 1853 in Greenfield, Massachusetts; and (2) Katherine Stow Wright on July 11, 1867 in Greenfield, Massachusetts.
Died April 14, 1897 Bradford, Illinois
Henry Benjamin Hart Born August 14, 1832 Shelburne, Massachusetts Married Sarah Warner on January 27, 1862 in Greenfield, Massachusetts.  Sarah was born in Greenfield on October 23, 1838.
Died After 1900 Aurora, Nebraska
Mary Maria Hart Born April 26, 1835 Shelburne, Massachusetts Married Horace Roberts on November 23, 1854.  They had three children: (1) Mary Cordelia Roberts, (2) Charlotte Fitch Roberts, and (3) Horace Eugene Roberts.
Died February 3, 1866 New York City, New York

Child born to Halloway Hart and Eliza Root Hart:

Sarah Elizabeth Hart Born February 11, 1844 Gill, Massachusetts She died at the age of 21 years.  She was a school teacher and unmarried.
Died October 24, 1865  


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