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David Roy and Jennie Lind Roach Hartt


David Roy Hartt

Born:  1894

Place:  White Birch, Wisconsin

Married:  April 7, 1918 at Seattle, Washington

Died:  May 26, 1993
Place:  PBI, Three Hills, Alberta, Canada

Jennie Lind Roach and David Roy Hartt

Although his full name was David Roy Hartt, most people knew him as "Roy Hartt."  The name, DR Hartt, was occasionally mistakenly thought to refer to a doctor Hartt. At Sears & Roebucks, where he worked, he was known as "D.R." At the Bremerton Navy Yard he was known as "Hartt."


Jennie Lind Roach Hartt

Born:  September 17, 1898

Place:  Mynatt, Tennessee

Married:  April 7, 1918 at Seattle, Washington

Died:  January 13, 1990

Place:  PBI, Three Hills, Alberta, Canada


David Roy Hartt
Hartt family, early 1932
Front - Margaret, Jean, Brad
Back - David, Roy, Charlotte, Jennie, Dick
In 1977, David Roy Hartt dictated a detailed narrative of his life, his family, and his ancestors.  Read it here.


The children of David Roy and Jennie Lind Roach Hartt:

David Neil Hartt Born February 25, 1919 Bremerton, WA  Married Erma Anhorn on March 31, 1943.  They had six sons.  Erma passed away in August of 2003.
Died January 8, 2005 Abbottsford, British Columbia
James (Dick) Richard Hartt Born [Living] Bremerton, WA Dick married Jean Trautman on July 6, 1946; two children.
Jean Ellen Hartt Born October 19, 1922 Seattle, Washington Married Donald H. Denton in Biloxi, Mississippi on November 25, 1943.  Two children.
Died September 25, 1991 Pittsburg, California
Margaret Gladys Hartt Born August 3, 1924 Seattle, Washington Married Russell Grewell on September 15, 1968; no children.
Died April 5, 1995 Bradenton, Florida
Bradford Hartt Born [Living] Seattle, WA Married Ruth Maxwell on March 27, 1954. They had 3 children, one deceased.
Charlotte Hartt Born [Living] Sacranento, CA Married Richard Griffiths on January 23, 1954 and have 4 children.
Joseph Roy Hartt Born June 27, 1932 San Francisco, California Married Brita Smith on December 27, 1960.  Two children.
Died November 17, 1997 Scottsdale, AZ

Notes:  [Information on the living deleted]

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