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Carrie Isabel McPhail and Dean Rogers

Carrie Isabel McPhail

Carrie Isabel McPhail was born on May 1, 1902, to James McPhail and Caroline Amelia Hartt, in Perth, New Brunswick.  Carrie married Dean Richards Rogers on September 4, 1924.


Dean Richards Rogers was born in 1897 to Henry Wyckoff Rogers and his wife, Grace Dean McLeod.  Henry Rogers was born in 1858 and died in 1942.  Grace Dean McLeod was born on April 19, 1865, and died in 1958.  Dean's siblings (all brothers) included: Arthur Wyckoff MacLeod Rogers, Norman McLeod Rogers, and David Barss Rogers.


Dean was attending Acadia University but left school to enlist in the Nova Scotia Highland Brigade.  He served in France with the 85th Battalion, rose to platoon sergeant, and earned his commission in the field.  He had succeeded his brother, Arthur, as Scout and Intelligence Officer.  After several battles, Dean was sent to England with a severe concussion.


After the war, Dean obtained a B.A. from Acadia and then taught in a high school for one year. Then, he went to Harvard and graduated in Business Administration with a Master's degree.  He entered the lumber business and became head of the Consolidated Paper Corporation's activities in the Ottawa Valley around Pembroke, Ontario.  He was a President of the Ontario Lumbermen's Forest Products for two terms and a municipal councillor of Pembroke.


Isabel was also a graduate of Acadia University, with issue.  She died on August 17, 1967, in Pembroke, Ontario.


Information on Dean courtesy of Rev. Dr. Donald MacKinnon and Alick Morrison and their book, THE MACLEODS --THE GENEALOGY OF A CLAN, Section II, Edinburgh, The Clan MacLeod Society, 1968, p. 58. 

Dean and Carrie Isabel Rogers by Gordon Rogers

Read about the life and times of Dean Rogers and Carrie Isabel McPhail in a story written by their youngest son.



Dean McPhail Born [Living] Grand Mere, Quebec Married Joanne Downing
David Page Born [Living] Pembroke, Ontario  
Gordon Hart Born [Living] Pembroke, Ontario Married Grace Chamberlain

Notes:  Both in the McPhail and the McLeod families, some members used Mc while some used Mac.  We've tried to include the spelling that was preferred and used by that person; that is why the spelling doesn't always match within a family.  

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