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Captain Samuel Hart


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Captain Samuel Hart, born in Lynnfield, Massachusetts, on February 9, 1656, was the son of Isaac and Elizabeth Hutchins Hart.  He married Sarah Endicott, a reputed niece of Governor John Endicott.  Sarah was born in Redding, Massachusetts, in 1673.

Mr. Hart resided in what is now Lynnfield, Massachusetts and became a sea captain at the age of 16.  Sometime after 1716, at the age of 60, he left the sea and remained at home on his farm in Lynnfield.  On one of his voyages, he received from the Grand Turk a silver cup and other trinkets.

The following traditional story is told by his descendants, as he handed down (from Ebenezer Parsons of Lynnfield Center): "He said as he was lying awake one night in his cabin a woman entered, having in one hand a lighted candle and in the other an hour-glass.  He looked at the hour-glass and saw that the sands were almost run, and thought it meant he should die with the running of the last sands.  But as the last sands were run, the woman turned the hour-glass and vanished.  he then concluded his life was half spent and noted to himself at the time, but would never tell his family when this occurred.  At the age of 60 years, he ceased going to sea; on a certain night before retiring his family noticed that he remained longer than was usual at his devotions, and in the morning he was found dead in bed."


Captain Samuel Hart died on December 30, 1730.  No record of his wife's death has been found.

Courtesy of James M. Hart book on Hart ancestors published in 1903.

Children born to Captain Samuel Hart and Sarah Endicott Hart:

Elizabeth Hart Born November 16, 1686 Lynn (now Lynnfield), Mass. Married Samuel Potter on April 1, 1709
Thomas Hart Born August 12, 1696 Lynn (now Lynnfield), Mass. Never married
Died March 8, 1731  
Samuel Hart Born October 30, 1698 Lynn (now Lynnfield), Mass. Married Hepsibar Eaton, born Aug 28, 1712
John Hart Born March 25, 1703 Lynn (now Lynnfield), Mass. Married Mehitable Endicott, born Aug. 14, 1699 in Boxford, Massachusetts
Died 1777 Lynn, Massachusetts
Jonathan Hart Born November 2, 1710 Lynn (now Lynnfield), Mass. Married Mercy Hawkes on March 2, 1735
Died 1790 Lincoln, Sunbury County, NB

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