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Daniel Hart Jr. and Polly


Daniel Hart Jr. was born in 1772 and died on June 15, 1823 in Townsend, Massachusetts.  He married Mary (Polly) Marshall in Lunenburg, Massachusetts on September 13, 1798.  


Polly was the daughter of Samuel Marshall and Sarah French.  Samuel Marshall was born on October 2, 1742 in Billerica, Massachusetts; he died on June 6, 1812 in Lunenburg, Massachusetts.  Sarah French was born in 1744, married Samuel in 1765, and died on January 18, 1811.


Daniel Hart Jr. settled at Townsend, Massachusetts, worked as a farmer, and died on June 15, 1823.  Polly died Dec. 21, 1854, at age 80 years.  They are both buried at the Townsend cemetery.

Children born to Daniel Hart Jr. and Polly Marshall Hart:

Samuel Hart Born 1799 Townsend, Massachusetts  Married Lefy Brooks in Ashburnham, Mass. on Dec. 13, 1821. Lefy, daughter of Isaac and Faith Brooks of Ashburnham. She d. on Aug. 26, 1883
Died August 8, 1856 Townsend, Massachusetts
John Hart Born July 22, 1800 Townsend, Massachusetts  Married Elizabeth Butterfield Lock.
Died April 19, 1854 Townsend, Massachusetts 
Hannah Hart Born 1804 Townsend, Massachusetts  Married Deacon Daniel Giles of Townsend on May 31, 1827.  One daughter, Ellen, married Walter Bancroft
Mary Hart Born November 12, 1806 Townsend, Massachusetts  Married Samuel Hazen Bailey on October 5, 1826; two children: Martha Ann Willard Bailey and May Elizabeth Bailey.  May married Charles Goodrich of Lunenburg.
Died May 9, 1862 Lunenburg, Massachusetts
Lincoln Hart (female) Born 1810 Townsend, Massachusetts  Married; no children
Daniel Hart Born 1812 Townsend, Massachusetts  Was engaged to Mary Whitney of Townsend but he died without getting married.
Died 1833  
Isaac Hart Born 1814 Townsend, Massachusetts  Died as a child
Died October 4, 1820 Townsend, Massachusetts
Eri Hart Born 1816 Townsend, Massachusetts  Died as a child
Died 1820 Townsend, Massachusetts

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