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Thomas A. Hartt and Sarah


Farming, 18th century

ID #10186
Credit: George Isham Parkyns, National Archives of Canada, C-984

Thomas A. Harttwas born to Jonathan and Mercy Hartt in 1736.  In 1769, he married Sarah Hawkes in Lynnfield, Massachusetts.  Sarah was born in Lynnfield.  


According to Raymondís list of the Maugerville grantees, there were no Hawkes listed.  It is thought that Sarah moved from Massachusetts to New Brunswick about five years behind Thomas, who arrived in 1764.  Thomas died in June of 1813 at his residence, "Oromocto," Gagetown, New Brunswick.


According to the New Brunswick Newspapers, Vital Statistics archive, the estate of Thomas Hart (sic), a yeoman, was administered by Jonathan Hart (sic) on July 10th, 1813.

Children born to Thomas A. Hartt and Sarah Hawkes Hartt:

Thomas Hartt Born 1771   Married Phoebe Phillips (1778-1866) on August 23, 1802.
Died 1853  
Abigail Hartt Born     Married Jonathan Pride.  See notes below.
Sarah Hartt Born 1776   Married David Phillips (b.1772) on October 25, 1796. 
Jonathan Hartt Born 1779   Married Jemina Phillips (1788- ) on January 22, 1807 in Hamstead, NB.
Mary Hartt Born     Married (1) Stephen Guilisham, and (2) ___ Smith
Rebecca Hartt Born     Married Jonathan Pride
Elizabeth Margaret Hartt Born May 14, 1787 Granville Township, N.S. Married Thomas Phillips (1789-1865), October 27, 1802, in Gagetown, N.B. (Thomas married Ada Grow later.)
Died Btwn 1850-60  




Abigail Hartt and Jonathan Pride 


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