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Samuel and Mary Ann Hartt


Samuel and Mary Ann Hayes


Samuel Hartt. was the third son of Reverend Samuel Hartt, Jr., and Mary Elizabeth Estey Hartt.  He was born on May 9, 1828, in Kingston, York County, New Brunswick.  Around 1851, he is thought to have married Hannah Nevers.  Hannah was born in November 1821 and died in February 1857.  


After Hannah's death, Samuel married Mary Ann Hayes on June 13, 1859, at Jacksontown, Carleton County, New Brunswick, in a ceremony officiated by his father, Reverend Samuel Hartt.


Mary Ann Hayes was born in 1829, in Norton, Kings County, New Brunswick, to William B. and Mary Burlock Hayes.  Mary Ann died on August 18, 1906, at Leeds, Maine, of endocarditis.


Samuel died on March 18, 1897, and is buried in the old Free Baptist Church Cemetery, Third Tier, near his father, mother, and many other members of the family, in Carleton County, New Brunswick.


Children born to Samuel Hartt and Mary Ann Hayes Hartt: 

Adelia C. Hartt Born May 16, 1860   Married John Allen Gordon on May 22, 1890, at Westboro, Massachusetts.  See notes below.
Died September 1940  
Roland Hartt Born May 1861   Single; served at the post office at Hartfield, New Brunswick.
Newton Henry Hartt Born November 1862   Married Addie Way (1868-1937) on March 24, 1885 in Upper Woodstock, NB; both are buried at Burnsland Cemetery, Calgary, AB.  See notes below.
Died 1939  
Luther Samuel Hartt Born March 24, 1864   Married Salome Dunlap (April 25, 1865 - April 8, 1913); daughter of Ira and Emmeline.  See notes below.
Died December 23, 1936  
Bertha Hartt Born November 30, 1865 Norton King, New Brunswick Married George Alexander Cheney on December 25, 1893. See notes below.
Died 1961 (1951)  
Lillian "Lillie" Ada Hartt Born June 10, 1867 Hartfield, New Brunswick Married Arthur Eugene Mellen, born December 25, 1866, on November 18, 1891.
Died January 20, 1951 Lowell, Massachusetts
Frank Herbert Hartt Born December 20, 1868 Woodstock, New Brunswick Married (1) Minnie Lennox in 1894; she died giving birth in 1913.  Married (2) Florence Ada (Smith) Greenleaf; died in Hanna, Alberta.  See notes below.
Died January 30, 1929 Hanna, Alberta


Adelia C. Hartt and John Gordon had a son, John H. Gordon, born July 21, 1894; he married Elizabeth Unold; she died in Oct. 1962.  John married a second time in January 1963.  John and Elizabeth had six children.

Newton Henry Hartt and Addie had five children:  Mamie, Lalia, Guy, Lina, and Lorraine.

Luther Samuel Hartt and Salome Dunlop were living in Carleton County, New Brunswick, during the 1891 Census.  According to that census, they were farmers and Baptists.  Luther and Salome had five children: Lillian Hartt, born Sept. 2, 1886, was a nurse and retired in Baltimore, Maryland; Samuel Harold Hartt, born Sept. 3, 1898, married Margaret, was living in Belfast, Maine in 1953; Cassie (Catherine?) Hartt, born March 12, 1896; David Bedford Hartt, born Dec. 15, 1884, was drafted into the US military from Maine; and Pearl.

Bertha Hartt and Harold Cheney had five children:  Harold Gordon b. Nov. 19, 1894, d. Nov 17, 1968; Edna Pearl b. Jan. 3, 1897,d. Oct. 30, 1944; Leon b. Apr. 29, 1899, d. April 27, 1987; Lillian b. Mar. 18, 1902 . d. May 7,1973; Mildred b. Jun. 11, 1905, d. May 1, 1999.

Frank Hartt and Minnie Lennox Hartt had seven children:  (1) Carl Victor Hartt (1894-1969), m. Florence Ferguson, at least one son: Stanley Carl Hartt, m. Marjorie Joseph Hartt, they had at least one child: Doreen Shirley Hartt, m. Gary M. Botting; (2) Stanley Hartt, born in 1896; (3) Kenneth Raymond Hartt, born in 1898; (4) Newton Beverley Hartt (1900-1965), (5) Paul Leonard Hartt, born in November 1902; (6) Alice Mary Hartt (1909-1981), m. Cecil Rose, at least one child: Joyce Rose, m. Ronald Earl Bickell; and (7) Helen Vivian Hartt (1911-1985).

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