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 Phoebe Hartt and Daniel Smith


Phoebe Hartt Smith

Phoebe Harttwas born on January 27, 1809 in Sunbury County, New Brunswick to Thomas and Phoebe Phillips Hartt.


Daniel Smith Sr. and son, Clapman (1762-1843) arrived from Rowley, Massachusetts, as Loyalists in 1784 and settled in Maugerville, New Brunswick.   It was their descendants who settled in the Hoyt Valley.  One of the early settlers, to come up the Oromocto River, was Clapman Smith.  He married Susannah Bailey (1773-1856)  and they had ten children.  Two of their sons, Daniel Edward and Clapman, Jr., settled in the valley.  


Daniel Edward Smith was born on November 8, 1802.  He married Phoebe  Hartt on December 18, 1835, and three of their children lived in Hoyt valley.  Their daughter, Phoebe Smith, married the Reverend Henry Hartt.


Phoebe may have been a school teacher; she may have taught her husband how to read and write.  All of Phoebe and Daniel's daughters were school teachers.  Elizabeth became the first registered female doctor in New Brunswick.  Elizabeth's life story is included in a book about Canadian Women Doctors.


Phoebe Hartt Smith died on January 27, 1893.  Daniel Smith died on October 24, 1861.

Children born to Daniel Smith and Phoebe Hartt Smith:

Thomas E. Born September 23, 1835   Married Mary Ann Nutter; two children: Herbert and Ellen.
Died May 1897  
Daniel E. Born August 1, 1837   Married Margaret McAlpiin
Died September 1921  
Rebekah J. Born May 2, 1839   Married Alexander Richard
Died December 25, 1899  
Elizabeth Born 1843   Married John Secord; one son: Herbert Secord.
Died 1916  
Phoebe A. Born 1844   Married Reverend Henry Hartt
Died 1920  
William Dell Born April 4, 1847   Married Annie Dibblee; four children: Stanley, Clarence, and two daughters.
Died March 1927  
Bedford H. Born 1849   Married (1) Annie Brethour and (2) Mary McKenzie; three children.
Died 1915 Nanaimo, British Columbia
Mariah Olive Born 1852   Single; school teacher.
Died 1924  

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