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George Hart and Polly


George Hart, the son of Zerubbable Hart and Eunice Curtis Hart, was born about 1775 in Lynnfield, Massachusetts.

 Based on the best available information, George married twice.  

George married Eunice Upton of Reading, Massachusetts on Oct. 2, 1800 in Reading and to this union a son, George, was born but only lived for seven months and died in Lynnfield on Sep. 19, 1801. It is believed the family sold out in 1803 and moved to Stoddard, New Hampshire. What became of George's wife Eunice is not known.

Later, George married Polly Lawrence, daughter of Nicholas Lawrence and Sarah Cummings, in 1805.  Polly was born on November 29, 1785, in Hancock, Hillsboro County, New Hampshire.  In the days of his youth, educational advantages were quite limited, and what little of scholastic learning he obtained was in the common schools of the place of his birth. By subse­quent self-study, and the application of knowledge gained by experience, he became a well-read man, and possessed in­telligence above the average farmer

 It was in the year 1834, when, imbued with a spirit of adventure, coupled with the desire to make a home for himself and family, he came to Lorain County, Ohio, and settled in Carlisle township.

In 1855, George and son, Samuel, along with his daughter, Phebe, with her husband, Lucius Britton, and their families moved to Ranson, Hillsdale County, Michigan 
.George's wife (Polly/Mary) had moved to Pennsylvania to live with another daughter, either Mary or Relief the same year that George moved to Michigan.  Polly died sometime after 1857 in Pennsylvania.
George died in 1857 in Hillsdale County and his burial place is unknown. 


Children born to George Hart and Polly Lawrence Hart:

Sylvester Hart Born March 27, 1806 Weston, Rutland County, Vermont Married Relief Baldwin on January 25, 1829.  See notes below.
Died September 26, 1874 Oberlin, Ohio
Eunice Hart Born 1808     Her husband Nathaniel Barrett was born in 1804 and died 1868.  They showed up in the 1860,  In 1870 the couple had a daughter Lucy Barrett age 37 living at home.

Died  Feb. 23, 1876  New Hamphire, USA
Phebe Hart Born 1809  Michigan 

Phebe, with her husband, Lucius Britton, and their families moved to Ranson, Hillsdale county, Michigan in 1855


Died  1860  
Samuel Hart Born March 1, 1822 Weston, Rutland County, Vermont Married Emily Gier.  See notes below.
Died 1906 Michigan
Relief Hart Born
Mary Born


Sylvester Hart married Relief Baldwin on January 25, 1829.  She was born on August 31, 1806 in Pawlet, Vermont.  She died January 5, 1892 in Oberlin, Ohio.  She is buried in the South Murry Ridge Cemetery in Lorain County, Ohio.  Sylvester was a farmer and a dairy farmer.  Sylvester Hart and Relief Baldwin had seven children: (1) Relief M. Hart, born June 18, 1830 in Vermont, and died in Vermont; (2) Eunice D. Hart, born July 8, 1831 in Vermont, and died in Vermont; (3) Jeremiah "John" Baldwin Hart; (4) Elizabeth C. Hart, born May 19, 1834 in Vermont, died April 3, 1904, in Oberlin, Ohio; (5) Cornelia M. Hart; (6) Henry M. Hart; and (7) Flavius Alemendo Hart (see special notes about Flavius below).

Samuel Hart married Emily Gier, the daughter of John Gier and Mary Bender, on June 29, 1845, in Lorain County, Ohio.  Emily was born in 1818 in Carroll County, Ohio.  Samuel Hart and Emily had seven children: (1) Richard A. Hart; (2) Elmira M. Hart; (3) Alice M. Hart; (4) George W. Hart, worked in the lumber trade, died in East Boardman, Kalkaska County, Michigan, buried in Boardman Township Cemetery; (5) Julia A. Hart; (6) Alfred F. Hart, a twin, a Methodist Episcopal minister, born about 1857, in Hillsdale County, Michigan, died in Alma, Michigan; and (7) Albert F. Hart, a twin, a farmer, born about 1857, in Hillsdale County, Michigan, buried in Ranson Township, Hillsdale County, Michigan.

George Hart's grandson, Sylvester's seventh child, Flavius Alemendo Hart married Olive about 1891.  Flavius was a farmer, furniture maker, businessman, and postmaster in Oberlin, Ohio.  Mr. Hart was listed in the 1877 Oberlin city directory as a farmer at 108 East College. From 1883 through 1916, he was listed at 525 East College as a furniture manufacturer and from 1894-1897 as postmaster.  Flavius A. Hart's furniture store was at 29 South Main (24 before number conversion) from 1883-1895; it was Hart & Sperry furniture from 1894 to 1904; and Hart & Vincent from 1904 to 1907, when Mr. Hart sold the business to Mr. Vincent (Maddock). In 1891 Mrs. Olive Hart was listed for the first time, and in 1897 the children: Bert, Merton and Eugene were listed. In 1920, Mrs. Jennie B. Hart was listed as resident; in 1931 Henry Hart and Mrs. J. B. Hart; and in 1935 Henry, Jennie, and Arthur Hart, a lineman, were listed as residents. In 1937, the house was apparently sold and no longer part of the Hart family.  The house at 525 East College, in Oberlin, Ohio, is considered an historic building by the Ohio Historic Society.

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