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William Charles and Letitia Ann Hartt


William Charles Hartt

Born:  June 20, 1851

Place:  Woodstock, New Brunswick

Married:  Letitia Ann Wilson on May 20, 1885
Place:  Home of bride's mother, Derby, NB

Died:  May 14, 1940; Tacoma, Washington

On back: To Berta (Mary Alberta) 
Wishing her a happy Xmas 1897.  
From  Charlie & Lettie.

Letitia Ann Wilson Hartt

Born:  Approx. 1853

Place:  Derby, New Brunswick

Married:  William Charles Hartt on May 20, 1885

Died:  February 1941, Tacoma, Washington

Father:  John Wilson 

Mother:  Eliza Davidson Wilson

Letitia Ann Wilson Hartt

William Charles Hartt
by David Roy Hartt

Concerning my father's background, you will note that his father was a schoolteacher, who suffered much from Asthma, and my father had to go to work at an early age, and served as bookkeeper and accountant, serving the logging companies of New Brunswick.  The Lord saved him at 25 years of age, after which he had a great hunger for the Word of God, and studied his bible a great deal.


He married, at 34 years of age, Letitia Ann Wilson, daughter of William Wilson and Eliza Davidson.  Their first two children, Eliza and Harold Bruce, were born at Blackville, N.B.  Eliza in 1886, and Bruce in 1887.  In 1888, they moved to Minnesota where Fred and Frank were born in 1889 and 1890, respectively.  They moved, in 1891, to White Birch, Wisconsin, where were born Katherine in 1891, Paul in 1892, and me, Roy, in 1894 just two days after my sister, Eliza, died of brain fever, or consumption of the brain, (but I suspect that it was a brain tumor), for at that time little was known about these things.


Father's work took him from lumber camp to lumber camp in all kinds of weather from 40° below zero or rain or shine, and, in the winter, he had to carry his snow shoes, skates, bedding, books etc., together with his rifle for he often met bears and other animals.


Two of his three sisters, whom he had financed through normal school, had moved out to Washington and had reported what a nice mild climate they had found, together with the growing lumber industry there and they urged him to try to effect a transfer out to the Pacific Coast.  So, he applied for a transfer (the firm he worked for in Wisconsin was a subsidiary of the largest lumbering company on the pacific coast) and he was encouraged that it would come through.  So, in February 1898, he sent Mother and the six of us children together with my mother's sister to help her on the journey from St. Paul, Minnesota to Tacoma, Washington by Northern Pacific train.


Father waited nearly 2 years and found that he could not get a transfer.  He quit his job and came to Tacoma in June of 1900 during a severe recession and a time when no work was available.


In 1901, father was able to get work at the Northern Pacific Railway shop sorting scrap metals in South Tacoma and later got some clerical work, and, even later, became clerk of the boiler shop, which he retained until they retired him at 73 years of age.


My Father and Mother were devout Christians, and I thank God for their Godly influence on all of us children; for we had bible reading and prayer at the breakfast table in the morning and also after supper in the evening, and at each time we sang one or two hymns, which have stayed with me to this day, and I love to sing them over today. This was a wonderful heritage which they left me, and I thank God for it today.


At work, my father would organize a bible study group who would meet during one noon hour per week, and study the Word of God, as well as preach on the streets where there was an opportunity, and in halls and churches when given the opportunity.


He died at 88 years of age (nearly 89), but happy in our wonderful Lord and Saviour.



The photo at right is William Charles Hartt and Letitia Ann on their 50th wedding anniversary.

It seems to be the official photograph.  These are the people I knew as Uncle Charlie and Aunt Lettie.  They were very loving and gentle people and he was as dignified as he looks in the picture.  Every time we went to their house he would give us children each a tract, like a book mark, with a Bible verse on it, for he was a very devout man, eager to share his faith with children.  So this was taken on or near their 50th anniversary in May 1935.

William Charles Hartt       Letitia Ann Wilson Hartt  (1936)


A Christmas Photo, date is not given. The lady near the center with the x marked on her dress is Mary Alberta Hartt.  I had assumed the older lady on Mary’s right is her mother.  But, my records show that Mother passed away before Father did, and where is he in the photo?  This picture was taken at a studio in Fredericton, N.B.  A McMurray and Burkhardt located on Queen Street.   Maybe someone can verify when Catherine Susanna died and when they made the trip to Tacoma, Washington.  Most of all, maybe someone can identify some of the others in this picture. 

These photographs were taken by a Studio in Tacoma, Washington in the summer of 1877.  This at least tells us they made a trip west to visit Family here. The writing on the back of Aaron’s photo says that he was born at Kingsclear, York Co. N. B.  April 16, 1820.  And that he died at Harvey, York Co. N. B. on May 24, 1879.


The writing on the back of Catherine’s photo says that she is the Daughter of William and Susanna Dayton.  Born at Douglas, York Co. N. B. on April 22, 1828.  She died at Douglas, York Co. N. B. on August 5, 1875. 


Something seems to be in error here, for both photos were taken at the same studio by the same photographer.  So either the date of the photos is in error or Catherine’s death date is in error.  Much too long   ago to find any trace of now.

William Charles Hartt's Journal

William Charles Hartt kept a journal during the period May 9 through July 16, 1883.  Read it here.


The children of William Charles and Letitia Ann Wilson Hartt:

Eliza Wilson Hartt Born 1886 Blackville, New Brunswick Died as a child
Died March 16, 1894 White Birch, Wisconsin
Harold Bruce Hartt Born November 1887 Blackville, New Brunswick Married Grace E. Torrens in 1920; she died in November 1971
Died November 1971 Washington state
Charles Frederick Hartt Born 1889 Minnesota Died as a result of contracting rheumatism or Scarlet Fever; never married
Died November 1910 Tacoma, Washington
Frank Leslie Hartt Born 1890 Minnesota Never married; lived with brother Paul (below) outside Tacoma, Washington
Died 1969 Tacoma, Washington
Katherine Margaret Hartt Born 1891 White Birch, Wisconsin Married Arthur Samuel Hughes in 1944; he died in 1962
Died 1950 Tacoma, Washington
Paul Allan Hartt Born 1892 White Birch, Wisconsin Never married; lived with brother Frank (above) outside Tacoma, Washington
Died 1963 probably Tacoma, Washington
David Roy Hartt Born April 7, 1894 White Birch, Wisconsin Married Jennie Lind Roach on April 7, 1918
Died May 26, 1993 PBI, Three Hills, Alberta


Harold Bruce Hartt and Grace E. Torrens Hartt  were married in 1920; they had six children:  Bruce Torrens Hartt, born in 1921, was a B-29 pilot in World War II and died in a raid on Tokyo on April 15, 1945; the other five children are living. [Information on the living deleted].  Harold Bruce Hartt died in November 1970.  Grace E. Torrens Hartt died in September 1971.

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