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Theodosia Adriana Hartt and Charles B. Lockhart


Theodosia Adriana Hartt

Born:  June 1, 1860

Place:  Blissville, New Brunswick


Married:  Charles Berton Lockhart

Date:  February 14, 1884


Died:  July 3, 1921 

Place:  Saint John, New Brunswick

Pictures of their wedding day, February 14, 1884

Charles Berton Lockhart

Born:  February 13, 1855

Place:  Moncton, New Brunswick


Father:  Charles Dixon Lockhart

Mother:  Hannah (Read) Lockhart


Married:  Theodosia Hartt

Date:  February 14, 1884


Died:  September 4, 1948

Place:  Saint John, New Brunswick


Left to right:
Gershon S. Mayes, Mr. Simpson (friend of G.S.M), Charles Berton Lockhart, Mrs. G. S. Mayes, Theodosia A. (Hartt) Lockhart (wearing an Alaska seal fur coat)

Charles Berton Lockhart and Gershon S. Mayes - Partners in Beaver Dredging Co.


Theodosia Adriana Hartt was the youngest child of four children and the only daughter of Thomas E. and Adeline (Perley) Hartt.  Theodosia was born on June 1, 1860.  She married Charles Berton Lockhart (1855 - 1948), the son of Charles Dixon Lockhart and Hannah (Read) Lockhart, on February 14, 1884, and took up residence in “Fairmont”, (the family home) 272 St. John’s Street, Saint John, New Brunswick, where she remained until her early death on July 3, 1921, at the age of 61.

Theodosia received her teaching certificate on May 1, 1879, issued by the Board of Education for the Province of New Brunswick.  However it is not known if she continued with teaching after her marriage to C. B. Lockhart.  It appears that (from reading letters and diaries found) she probably lived a fairly comfortable and affluent life, only having two children to contend with, unlike her brother, Edward, and sister-in-law, Susan. However, as her husband, C.B. Lockhart, was involved in Politics for sometime, I’m sure she had to take care of the household on her own frequently. She did, however, make a trip across Canada in 1902, from Saint John, New Brunswick, to Vancouver, British Columbia, accompanied by her husband

Theodosia’s husband Charles Berton Lockhart, according to my mother, Rosalind Mary Clark, was a very honorable, kind and compassionate man. She only knew him for a short time before his death, but said for example, “He would ensure the man that delivered the coal for the furnace in the winter, came in for some refreshments to warm up, before continuing on to his next delivery.” She said that he was always so very considerate of others, and was well revered for it, as is evident in the newspaper tribute written upon his death, September 4, 1948.

Right side of photo - near lifeboat
Helen A. Lockhart (in white dress with large bow in hair)
Theodosia A. (Hartt) Lockhart (to the right of Helen)
Alice T. Lockhart (to the right of Theodosia)
Charles Berton Lockhart (behind Alice)

Charles Berton Lockhart(far right) and Theodosia Adriana (Hartt) Lockhart(far left) on a outing to the beach

The Children of Theodosia Adriana Hartt and Charles Berton Lockhart:

Helen Alberta Lockhart Born 1887 Saint John, New Brunswick Married Johnson Wilmot Clark in 1913
Died 1946 Vancouver, BC
Murray Lockhart Born 1890 Saint John, New Brunswick Died as an infant, cause unknown
Died 1891 Saint John, New Brunswick
Alice Tupper Lockhart Born 1893 Saint John, New Brunswick Never married
Death 1963 Saint John, New Brunswick

Notes:   The information and photographs on this page courtesy of Kirsten Madsen.

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