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Sarah E. Hartt and Jarvis Ring



Sarah E. Hartt was born, in 1781, in Maugerville, Sunbury County, New Brunswick.  She was the daughter of Samuel and Mary Estabrooks Hartt.  Sarah married Jarvis Ring.  Jarvis was born on September 14, 1780, in Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts.


Jarvis Ring was the son of Zebedee Ring and Hannah Estabrooks.  Hannah Estabrooks, Jarvis' mother, was born on August 14, 1751, in Haverhill, Massachusetts; she died on July 13, 1837, in Haverhill.  Zebedee, a loyalist, is mentioned in an article about the Eddy War.  


Jarvis was brought up Presbyterian but became a charter member of the First Baptist Church founded in 1810.  (That building is now the Brunswick Street Baptist Church.)


In 1825, a fire destroyed his business.  It was rebuilt between 1843 and 1844 but he suffered another financial loss and moved to St. John.  In 1845, he began preaching.  He was ordained in 1847 at Springfield, served the church at Bridgetown for five years, and, then, the churches at Port George and Wilmot in Nova Scotia.


Jarvis was the first person to attempt to write a history of the Baptist Church of Atlantic Canada.


Sarah died in 1857.


From Port George and Wilmot, Nova Scotia, Jarvis Ring returned to St. John, New Brunswick, where he died on April 22, 1868, at the home of his daughter, Sarah Gabel.


Children born to Sarah E. Hartt and Reverend Jarvis Ring: 

Caroline Ring Born 1807   Married Hollen Estey
Died 1828  
John H. Ring Born 1808    
Died 1873  
Sarah Ring Born 1810   Married Zebedee Gabel
Died 1879  
Jarvis S. Ring Born 1812   Married Frances Estabrooks on August 3, 1839
Died 1842  
Zebedee Ring Born 1816   Married Mary Ann Hartt (1820-1893); her parents are John Hartt and Jane Cole.
Died 1878  
Frances Ann Ring Born 1819   Married James Alfred Smith on August 4, 1840.
Died 1874  

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