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George C. Hartt and Jane


George C. Hartt

Jane Fowler Hartt

George C. Hartt  was born in 1796.  He married Jane Fowler.  Jane was born in 1801 and died on January 13, 1846.  She may be buried in Tarrytown, New York.  


Sometime after Jane's death, George married Margaret Jane (Martha Jane to the family); her last name is not certain but it, too, may have been Fowler.  She was born in 1812 in New Brunswick.


George C. Hartt was a seller of mineral water and on the 1861 N.B. Census was called a "quack doctor".  They lived in Sheffield, N.B. and sometime between 1861 and 1871, they moved to the USA, possibly to Massachusetts.  They are not listed on the 1871 census.


"George Hartt, an elderly man and dealer in `mineral water,' died on Friday afternoon.  It appears he had been called at the shop of Anthony Appleby on King St. east (St. John) in regard to the storage of some barrels, suddenly raised his arms as exclaiming `Oh, Oh' fell back upon the chair. Dr Travers was sent for, and on his arrival, it was found life had fled. The Doctor was of the opinion that death had proceeded from rupture of the heart. An inquest was held before Coroner Earle. Mr. Hartt leaves a wife and son, the latter of whom was in Fredericton at the time of the sad occurrence."  St. John Daily Morning News, November 6, 1871.  Courtesy of "Vital Statistics From New Brunswick (Canada) Newspapers"; Vol. 31, 302 

Children born to George C. Hartt and Jane Fowler Hartt:

Sarah Ann Hartt Born 1820   Married James Cook (both of Fredericton) on December 30, 1840. One son.  See notes below.
Died 1893 Buried in the Old Burying Ground
Henrietta Caroline Hartt Born 1821   Married (1) Horatio Nelson Drake on Dec. 1, 1840; and (2) John Leonard Fletcher on December 24, 1854.  See notes below.
Died February 16, 1899  
Pamela Jane Hartt Born 1828   Married William Morgan Jr. (both of Fredericton) on Dec. 21, 1848; two children: Effie and Lottie.  See notes below.
Died 1904  
Edward Hartt Born      
William Hartt Born     Married Blanch Smith
Allen Hartt Born     Married ___ Robertson
John Hartt Born     Married Ann Morgan; she died 1896
Emma Julia Hartt Born     Died at six months
Julia Sophia Hartt Born 1832   Married David Pugh (1829-1896) on March 16, 1856.  See notes below.
Died 1866 Drowned
Charlotte Hartt Born 1840   Married (1)_____, (2) David Pugh (after Julia drowned), and (3) A. Peterson of Tracy, NB.
Died 1918  
Emma Hartt Born 1833    
Died 1836  
Mary E. Hartt Born     Married (1) William Gatcombe, (2) Charles Gatcombe, and (3) Abner Belyea
Lucy Ann Hartt Born 1841   Married Thomas Jones
Died 1886  


Children born to George C. Hartt and Margaret Hartt:

Theresa Hartt Born 1848    
Ambose Hartt Born 1850 New Brunswick  
Odber Miles Hartt Born September 4, 1852 New Brunswick Married (1) Loretta Kilburn and (2) _____
Died May 5, 1918 Fort Wayne, Indiana
Melvin Hartt Born 1854    
Windsor Hartt Born 1856    


Sarah Ann Hartt married James Cook on December 30, 1840.  The ceremony was performed by Ingram E. Bill, Baptist minister, and witnessed by George W. Gaynor and Lucy Ann Hartt.  James Cook, 1817-Aug. 23, 1848, was the son of Henry and Margaret Cook of Penniac, NB. James and Sarah are buried in the Old Burying Ground. They had a son, James Jr. b. c. 1841-1897, who married Annie D. Segee, 1852-1938

Henrietta Caroline Hartt married Horatio Nelson Drake (both of Fredericton) on December 1, 1840.  The ceremony was performed by John Byrkmyre, Presbyterian minister, and witnessed by James Cook and Sarah A. Hartt.  Horatio Nelson Drake died in 1847.  Henrietta Caroline Hartt married (2) John Leonard Fletcher, b. 1824 in NB, son of Rebecca and Benjamin Fletcher.  John L. Fletcher died on Feb. 16, 1899 at the age of 73.  He was the "way station" keeper from 1857 to 1890 at Nashwaak Village.

Pamela Jane Hartt married William Morgan Jr. (both of Fredericton) on December 21, 1848.  The ceremony was performed by Samuel Elder, Baptist minister, and witnessed by James A. Drake and H. A. Estabrooks.

Emma Hartt and Emma Julia Hartt may be the same person; the information doesn't match -- one died at six months and the other died at about three years of age.

Julia Sophia Hartt married David Pugh (of Douglas Parish) on March 16, 1856.  The ceremony was performed by George Seely, Baptist minister, and witnessed by John Wiley and Lucy Ann Hartt.


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