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Edward Perley Hartt and Susan Duchesnay


Susan Duchesnay Hartt

Edward Perley Hartt, the son of Thomas Edward Hartt and Mary Adeline Perley, was born in 1847 in Blissville, New Brunswick.


Edward married Susan Mary Duchesnay on June 27, 1894, in Sudbury County, N.B.  Susan, as she was known, was born in 1876.


Edward Perley Hartt and Susan Duchesnay Hartt had twelve children -- only ten lived.  Edward was 48 and Susan was 18 when they were married.  When Edward died in 1917, the oldest child was 22 and the youngest was only one year old.  Later, Susan married Fred Allen, a widower with two teenage daughters, and they lived the rest of their lives in the Squire Thomas Hartt house.  Harold (Hal) Hartt lived with them.  


Edward died in 1917 and Susan died in 1962.  They are both buried in the Gladstone Cemetery (New Brunswick).


Children born to Edward Perley Hartt and Mary Susan Duchesnay Hartt:

Charles Harold Hartt Born October 1, 1895 Fredericton Junction, N.B. Never married
Died November 2, 1989  
Edith Maude Hartt Born May 3, 1897 Fredericton Junction, N.B. Married Jack Stephenson, born on July 21, 1876, died on September 7, 1966.
Died March 1986  
Ernest Perley Hartt Born October 25, 1898 Fredericton Junction, N.B. Married Grace Cummings Conacher on November 25, 1925
Died February 23, 1978 Melfort, Saskatchewan
Mary Vida Hartt Born June 19, 1900 Fredericton Junction, N.B. Married Victor Ernar Pearson; he died on December 6, 1965.
Died February 19, 1967  
Edward Hartt Born 1904 Fredericton Junction, N.B. Baby; buried with parents in the Gladstone Cemetery
Died 1904  
Alice Lavina Hartt Born April 25, 1905 Fredericton Junction, N.B. Married Vincent Segee, born October 16, 1899, died May 22, 1977.
Died March 6, 1961  
Elizabeth Bernice Hartt Born August 6, 1902 Fredericton Junction, N.B. Married Deloses Jamison on December 28, 1922.
Died October 1964  
Clara Adriana Hartt Born September 1, 1906 Fredericton Junction, N.B. Married Victor Nason (1902-1954) on September 22, 1926, in Fredericton, N. B.
Died 1995  
Frank Hartt Born July 25, 1908 Fredericton Junction, N.B. Married Eileen Maynard October 25, 1938.
Died February 5, 1987  
Arthur Hartt Born 1910 Fredericton Junction, N.B. Baby; buried with parents in the Gladstone Cemetery
Died 1910  
David Endicott Hartt Born [Living] Fredericton Junction, N.B. Married Irma Mavis Webb on December 7, 1938; five children.
Ruth Elinor Hartt Born [Living] Fredericton Junction, N.B. Married (1) Glenn Smith on November 1939, (2) Vic Burtt, on June 30, 1956; no children from either marriage.


Charles Harold Hartt, "Hal", was the oldest child of Edward and Susan Hartt.  Harold was born October 1, 1895, never married and died November 2, 1989   He was a local veteran of WW I.  He helped with  the Hartt information for the book "Days of Old."  A story is told that Harold one day took a pick axe while talking with two of his friends, John McLaughlin and Bliss Nason, and began picking in a bit of depression.  He broke through three or four inches of shale and discovered what proved to be a fourteen-inch, coal seam, the thickest ever found locally.  A large pit was dug and as the coal was removed it was thrown into a bin where it could be seen for years as little was ever taken away.  They found the presence of shale and other adulterants rendered the coal of inferior quality, incapable of producing a clean, hot fire.  Coal mining in the Fredericton vicinity was proved most disappointing.  Hal is buried in the Gladstone Cemetery on Pride's Landing Road, Fredericton, N.B.

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