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John Hartt and Jane


John Hartt  was born in 1789, in Kingsclear, New Brunswick, to John Hartt and Anne Lovell Hartt.  


John married Jane Cole in 1818 at Westfield, New Brunswick.  Jane's parents were John and Sarah Cole of Westfield, New Brunswick.  Jane was the fifth child of the ten born to her parents.


John and the family were innkeepers in Westfield, New Brunswick.


John died, in Kingsclear, New Brunswick, in 1865.


Children born to John Hartt and Jane Cole Hartt:

Mary Ann Hartt Born 1820 Westfield, New Brunswick Married Zebedee Ring, June 4, 1840.  See notes below.
Died April 11, 1893 St. John, New Brunswick
Eliza Jane Hartt Born 1828 Westfield, New Brunswick  
Died 1893  
Albert Phillip Hartt Born 1833 Westfield, New Brunswick Married Elizabeth Gerow on March 5, 1854.  See notes below.
Died 1888 Boston, Massachusetts


Mary Ann Hartt married Zebedee Ring on June 4, 1840.  Zebedee, born in 1816, was the son of Sarah E. Hartt and Jarvis Ring.  They had five children:  (1) George Frederick Ring, born in 1841, married Ada Jane Hammond; (2) Dr. Allan Mott Ring, born in 1844, died in 1913, married Wilhelmina Flora Hammond; (3) Helen Ring, born in 1848, married Alfred Harry Beddome; (4) Mary Ring, born in 1849, died in infancy; and (5) a second Mary, married John C. Allison on September 5, 1882, in Arlington, Massachusetts.  Zebedee committed suicide by hanging on April 25, 1878, in Liverpool, England.

Albert Phillip Hartt married Elizabeth Gerow on March 5, 1854.  Elizabeth's father was Stephen Gerow; she was the youngest child.  Elizabeth died, at age 44, in New York City, around January of 1880.  Albert and Elizabeth had one child: Walter J. Hartt, born in September 1855, died in 1897.

Walter J. Hartt, Albert Phillip Hartt's son, married Margaret Galvin (1850-1909) in Boston, Massachusetts.  They had two sons:  (1) Albert Phillip Hartt, born September 18, 1878, died in November 1951, married Margaret Belanger, in Boston, Massachusetts, on October 15, 1899; and (2) Walter J. Hartt, Jr. 

Albert Phillip Hartt, Albert Phillip Hartt's grandson, married Margaret Belanger, in Boston, Massachusetts, on October 15, 1899.  They had 12 children; ten lived into adulthood:  (1) Adelaide Hartt, born 1900, died 1904; (2) Anne Teresa Hartt, born 1920, died 1971; (3) Margaret Francis Hartt (a twin), born 1904, died 1990; (4) Eileen Hartt, born 1904, died 1990; (5) Walter Frederick Hartt, born 1906, died 1966; (6) Cecilia Hartt, born 1908, died in infancy; (7) Dorothy Hartt, born 1909; (8) Mildred Ruth Hartt, born 1912; (9) Ethel Hartt, born 1914, died 1916; (10) Albert Hartt, born 1918, died 1957; (11) Edith Hartt, born 1920; (12) Adelaide Hartt, born 1922, died 2003.

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