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Samuel Hart, Jr. and Mary Fuller


Samuel Hart, Jr., born in Lynn, or Saugus, Massachusetts, was the son of Samuel and Hepsibar Eaton Hart.  Samuel Hart Jr. married Mary Fuller, of Lunenburg, in that city, on April 20, 1758, in a marriage ceremony conducted by Reverend David Stearns.


Mr. Hart resided at Lunenburg, Massachusetts.  He was a shop joiner (cabinet maker) by trade.  Samuel Hart, Jr., died on October 22, 1770.  In a will dated October 17, 1770, he names his children.  The will was probated on December 10, 1770, and it was recorded at Worcester, Massachusetts, in case 27, 615, series A.


Samuel and Mary had six children; all were born in Lunenburg, Massachusetts.  The oldest child, Samuel, born on January 26, 1759, is thought to be the same man who enlisted in Captain Joseph McNall's Company, Colonel Edward Wiggleworth's Regiment, in October of 1778.  He was reported killed or dead from other causes on October 21, 1778.


Another son, Ebenezer, born on December 6, 1762, enlisted in the War of Revolution on February 8, 1778, in Captain Joseph Billow's Company, Eighth Worcester Regiment.  His name is on the pay-roll in Captain Sylvanus Smith's Company, Colonel Timothy Bigelow's Regiment.  He enlisted at Lunenburg, Massachusetts.

Children born to Samuel Hart, Jr., and Mary Fuller Hart:

Samuel Hart Born January 26, 1759 Lunenburg, Massachusetts Died at the age of 19, as a soldier.  See notes below.
Died October 21, 1778  
Abigail Hart Born August 27, 1760 Lunenburg, Massachusetts  
Ebenezer Hart Born December 6, 1762 Lunenburg, Massachusetts Enlisted in the War of Revolution on February 8, 1778, at Lunenburg.  See notes below.
Mary Hart Born February 25, 1765 Lunenburg, Massachusetts  
Elizabeth Hart Born December 17, 1766 Lunenburg, Massachusetts Married John Henry, born in 1756, in Lunenberg; he died in Shirley, Massachusetts on October 19, 1822.  See notes below.
Died June 10, 1838  
Nathaniel Hart Born September 27, 1768 Lunenburg, Massachusetts Married Lydia White in 1794; she was born on Oct. 18, 1768 in Leomister, Mass.
Died March 4, 1841 Westmoreland, New Hampshire


Samuel Hart, probably the same man who enlisted in Capt. Joseph McNall's company, Col. Edward Wiggleworth's regiment, Oct. 1778, and reported killed or died Oct. 21, 1778. 

Ebenezer Hart enlisted in the War of Revolution, Feb. 8, 1778, in Capt. Joseph Billow's company, Eighth Worcester regiment, and his name is on pay-roll in Capt. Sylvanus Smith's company, Col. Timothy Bigelow's regiment. He enlisted from Lunenburg, Mass.  

Elizabeth Hart and John Henry had one son and six daughters; all married.  The son, William, born in 1792, died in 1836, at 44 years of age.  William Henry left a son, B. T. Henry.   In 1894, B. T. Henry had a newspaper and magazine advertising  office at 7 Temple Place, Boston, Mass.

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