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Alfred E. and Jeannie Hartt


Jeannie Mersereau Hartt

Alfred Ernest Hartt, the third son of Thomas Endicott Hartt and Mary Adeline Perley, was born, in 1849, in Blissville, Sunbury County, New Brunswick.  


Alfred married Jeannie Mersereau on May 20, 1885, in Blissville.  Jeannie was born, in 1859, in Blissville, Sunbury County, New Brunswick.  She was a descendent of a Loyalist family and the great-grand-daughter of Judge Lawrence Mersereau, the first judge to sit on the bench of the Supreme Court of New Brunswick after it became a separate province.


After they were married, Alfred and Jeannie moved from Fredericton Junction to Saint John where Alfred owned a grocery store.  They lived on City Line in West Saint John.  The couple's daughter, Jessie, lived in that house until her death in 1971.


Alfred died on October 10, 1924.  Jeannie died in 1942.  They are both buried in Greenwood Cemetery, Saint John West. 

Children born to Alfred Ernest Hartt and Jeannie Mersereau Hartt:

Jessie A. Born 1888 Blissville, Sunbury County, N.B. Never married; taught home economics in public schools.  She is buried in Greenwood Cemetery.
Died 1971 West Saint John, N.B.
Gilbert Born July 8, 1890 Blissville, Sunbury County, N.B. Married Maude Rutherford (1890-1954) on January 20, 1913, in Saint John, N.B.
Died April 17, 1950  


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