Isaac and Elizabeth Hart


Our first generation


Born:  About 1614
Place:  In Suffolk Shire, England

Baptized: 1614 in Yaxley, Suffolk, England

Died:   February 10, 1698/1699, Lynn, Massachusetts

Married:   Elizabeth Hutchinson, about 1650, Habstown or Reading, Mass.

The Hart House, Lynnfield, Massachusetts

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ISAAC HART was born, about 1614, in Suffolk Shire, England, to Thomas Hart and his wife, Alice Waters.  Isaac was baptized in Yaxley, Suffolk, England, in 1614.


Thomas Hart's parents (Isaac's paternal grandparents) were Peter Hart, born about 1557, died August 29, 1592, and Alice Hope, born about 1562.  Peter Hart and Alice Hope were married about 1582 and they had three known children (all born or christened at Lamas with Little Hautbois, Norfolk, England): Alice Hart, christened January 2, 1583; Grace Hart, christened January 2, 1583; and Thomas Hart, born on April 9, 1592, and died in 1662.


Thomas Hart, a yeoman and/or sojourner, married Alice Waters in Brome, Suffolk, England, on April 18, 1613.  The Church of England archives for Suffolk Shire indicate that Thomas Hart and Alice had the following children: Isaac, baptized in 1614, at Yaxley; Frances Hart, baptized in 1616, at Ipswich; and Samuel Hart, baptized in 1618, at Yaxley.


Thomas is known to have been married twice.  At least one source ( indicates that Thomas Hart's second wife was Mary Pament from Badwell Ash.  Thomas Hart and Mary Pament were married in 1620.  Thomas had three more children with Mary (all born or christened at Badwell Ash, Suffolk, England): Mary Hart, christened on October 28, 1621; Thomas Hart (Junior), born about 1626; and William Hart, christened on October 10, 1628.


Isaac embarked at Yarmouth, England, April 11,1636, at the age of 22, on a vessel named “Rose” with Captain Anderson, master of the ship.  The passengers included Richard Carver of Scratby, Norfork, England, 60, his wife, Grace, 40, their twin children, Elizabeth and Susanna, 18 years old, and three servants -- Isaac Hart, Thomas Flege, 21, and a maid, Marabel Underwood, 20.  The “Rose” with its passengers and crew landed in America only 16 years after the “Mayflower” landed at Plymouth Rock.


Isaac Hart settled in Watertown, Massachusetts.  He bought one acre of land there in 1642 and built a cottage.


About 1650, Isaac married Elizabeth Hutchinson at Habstown or Reading, Massachusetts.  Elizabeth, too, had arrived in America during the settlement of this area.  She was the first of five children (one girl and four boys) born in the Norfolk/Suffolk area of England, to Thomas Hutchinson and Anne Browne Hutchinson.  


Elizabeth's father, Thomas Hutchinson, was born about 1586, in Inkberrow, Worcester, England.  Anne Browne was born in 1603, in Inkberrow, Worcester, England.  Thomas Hutchinson and Anne Browne were married about 1622, in Inkberrow, Worcester, England.  The children born to Thomas Hutchinson and Ann Brown were: Elizabeth Hutchinson, Samuel Hutchinson, Francis Hutchinson, Edward Hutchinson, and Thomas Hutchinson.  


Thomas Hutchinson, Elizabeth's father, died about 1630, in Charlestown, Suffolk, Massachusetts.  


In 1631, Anne Browne Hutchinson, Thomas's widow, married Adam Hawkes.  Adam Hawkes was born on January 26, 1604/1605, in Westbury, Leigh, Wilshire, England.  Anne and Adam Hawkes had three documented children: John Hawkes, born 1631/32, died 1632/1633; John Hawkes, born August 13, 1633, in Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts, died on August 5, 1694; and Susannah Hawkes, born on August 13, 1633, in Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts, died August 5, 1696.  


Anne Browne Hutchinson Hawkes died on October 4, 1669, in Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts.  


(Note: some sources include the following children for Adam Hawkes and Anne: Adam Hawkes, Sarah Hawkes, Moses Hawkes, Benjamin Hawkes, and Thomas Hawkes.  But, there is some doubt that they are Adam's children.)


Isaac sold his one-acre of land and buildings on February 3, 1656 and purchased a 170-acre farm of meadowland from Thomas Hutchinson of Reading, Massachusetts.  Isaac paid 120 pounds for the land that is now known as North Lynnfield Center, Mass.  (A descendant has the original deed, of Isaac Hart’s farm, in a glass case.)  That home was handed down through almost 10 generations and became known as "the Hart house."


Isaac became a soldier in “King Phillip's War” and served in Captain Gardner’s Company from February 1675 until November 1676.


Elizabeth was accused of witchcraft and sent to prison in Boston on May 18, 1692 and held there until December.  Elizabeth’s son, Thomas, petitioned the court for her release.


John Willard was transferred on May 18, 1692, to the Boston Jail, Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts Bay Colony.  (Mittimus for Roger Toothaker, John Willard, Thomas Farrar, and Elizabeth Hart).


To: To the Keeper of Theire Majest's Goale in Boston


You are in theire Majest's names hereby required to take into your care and safe Custody the Bodys of Roger Toothaker of Bilrica: John Willard of Salem Village, husbandman Thomas farrar of Lyn husbandman, and Elizabeth Hart the wife of Isaac Hart of Lyn husbandman, who all stand charged with Sundry acts of Witchcraft, by them and Every one of them Committed, on the Bodys of Mary Walcot Abigail Williams Mary Lewis Ann Putnam and others of Salem Village or farmes, whom you are well to secure in order to theire tryall for the same. and untill they shall be delivered by due order of Law and hereof you are not to faile.



Dated Salem May 18'th 1692 *John Hathorne *Jonathan. Corwin by order of the Goven'r & Councill.16



Elizabeth Hutchinson Hart

Elizabeth was born in the Norfolk/Suffolk area, England, in 1622.

She died on November 28, 1700.








1. Elizabeth Hart Born December 11, 1651 Reading, Massachusetts Married John Rossiter Winbourne of Malden, a preacher, on April 11, 1667, in Malden, Massachusetts.
Died Before 1745  
2. Deborah Hart
Born About 1653 Reading, Massachusetts Married Benjamin Proctor on February 15, 1674, in Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts
Died Aft. June 16, 1710 Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts
3.  Thomas Hart Born About 1655 Reading, Massachusetts   Unmarried
Died March 8, 1731   
4. John Hart Born About 1658 Reading, Massachusetts


5. Captain Samuel Hart Born February 9, 1656 Reading, Massachusetts Married Sarah Endicott in 1693; she was born in 1673.
Died December 30, 1730 Lynnfield, Massachusetts
6. Adam Hart Born April 4, 1666 Lynnfield, Massachusetts Married Elizabeth Collson about 1703; also married Abigail Deal, Dorcas Brown
Died September 17, 1745 Reading, Massachusetts
7. Rebecca Hart Born June 1, 1670   Not all sources include Rebecca.  She apparently died as an infant or child. 
Died  June 1, 1670  


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