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Jarvis W. and Prudence Hartt



Jarvis William Hartt was born on July 12, 1812, at Kingsclear, York County, New Brunswick.  He was the son of Aaron and Charlotte Estey Hartt. 


Jarvis attended a local university.  Although he had completed the required courses, he was not permitted to graduate with a degree because the university was not open to Baptists.  This injustice led directly to the founding of the Baptist Seminary at Fredericton in 1835.  Reverend Frederick Mills was the principal and Jarvis Hartt was his assistant.  Mrs. Mills, the Reverend's wife, had an assistant, Prudence Boardman Brown, that Jarvis married on July 11, 1839.  The marriage was conducted by T. O. Miles, Esquire.


Prudence Boardman Brown was a descendant of Simon Willard, who came to North America in 1605.  Jarvis and Prudence had 


Jarvis, later, became principal of the Baptist Seminary and, even later, joined the staff of Horton Academy in Wolfville, Nova Scotia.  In 1860, Jarvis moved to Saint John whe he established another school.


“Our citizens were grieved to learn of the death of Jarvis W. Hartt, Principal of the Young Ladies High School (St. John) which took place at the residence of Joseph Read, Leinster St. where he had been boarding since the destruction of his house on Dorchester St. by fire in April.  Mr. Hartt’s family have been quite scattered since the fire.  Mrs. Hartt being on a visit to her sons at Utica, New York and one of his daughters being on her way to Halifax and others on the way to the country for a visit so that not a member of his family was present at the sad moment of his decease.  An inquest was held on the body yesterday.  Verdict “ Died from natural causes.”  Funeral was held Wed. 2 p.m. from residence of his son-in-law J.W. Harrington, corner Queen and Pitt Sts. St. John. He was buried in the Fern Hill Cemetery, Westmoreland Road.” -- Courtesy of Vital Stats for New Brunswick


Jarvis W. Hartt died on June 30, 1873, at the age of 61.  Prudence B. Hartt died on November 4, 1873, at the age of 57.

Children born to Jarvis William Hartt and Prudence Brown Hartt:

Charles Frederick Hartt Born August 23, 1840 Fredericton, New Brunswick Married Lucy Cornelia Lynde of Buffalo, NY, in December 1868.
Died March 18, 1878 Rio de Janerio, Brazil
Jennie M. Hartt Born About 1842   Married Dr. Henry Le Baron Hartt, her third-cousin, after her sister, Martha, died.  Henry died of diptheria on February 22, 1880
Died March 13, 1871  
Martha Jane Hartt Born August 17, 1842   Married Dr. Henry LeBaron Hartt.  After Martha died, Henry married Martha's sister, Jennie.
Died March 26, 1870  
Charlotte Elizabeth Hartt Born About 1843 Saint John, New Brunswick The 1881 Saint John census: age 36, music teacher, unmarried; living with two sisters (Emma and ?).
Sarah G. Hartt Born about 1845 Saint John, New Brunswick Married J. W. Harrington on August 27, 1868.
Frances Anetta Hartt Born August 23, 1847 Wilmot, Nova Scotia Married George Upham Hay on December 20, 1876.  See notes below.
George LeBaron Hartt Born July 11, 1849   Married (1) Claudine Millington, (2) Margaret Hartt, and (3) Hester Dowing.  See notes below.
Died January 9, 1913  
Prudence Boardman Hartt Born April 23, 1851 Wilmot, Nova Scotia Married William Gilchrist on June 17, 1885.  See notes below.
Died September 7, 1912  
Emma Florence Gertrude Hartt Born 1855 Acadia, New Brunswick Married Charles Albert Prichard on September 21, 1881, in St. John, NB.  She was a music teacher.
Mabel Hartt Born 1857   Died as an infant
Died 1857  


Jennie M. Hartt married Dr. Henry Le Baron Hartt, her third cousin, after her sister, Martha, died.  Jennie died one year after her sister and Henry married for a third time.   Henry's third marriage, on November 14, 1876, was to Irene Widdemer, b. in Philadelphia, PA; her parents were Ephraim S. Widdemer and Margaret Taylor.  Henry died of diptheria on February 22, 1880.

Martha Jane Hartt married Dr. Henry Le Baron Hartt, her third cousin.  After Martha died, Henry married Martha's sister, Jennie.  Martha Jane Hartt and Henry Le Baron had three children:  (1) Henry Le Baron Hartt, b. 1865, in New Brunswick; (2) Florence M. Hartt, b. 1866, in New York (in 1880, after both her mother and father had died, Florence was living with her grandparents, Henry and Jessie Hartt); and (3) Le Baron Botsford Hartt, b. April 11, 1869, Manhattan, New York.

Frances Anetta Hartt married George Upham Hay.  George was the son of William Hay (b. 1800) and Eliza Fahey (b. 1797).  Frances Anetta Hartt and George Upham Hay had at least one child: a daughter, Mrs. R. T. McKinn.

George Le Baron Hartt was married three times: (1) Claudine Matilda Millington; (2) Margaret Florence Montgomery Hartt, his third cousin, daughter of Henry Hartt and Jessie Main (and granddaughter of Samuel Henry Alline Hartt), on April 27, 1876; she died in New York City on December 18, 1877; and (3) Hester Elizabeth Dowing, after 1880, in New York.  George and Claudine Millington had one child: Constance Endicott Hartt.  George and Margaret had one child: George Montgomery Hartt, b. December 10, 1877, in New York City, worked as a newspaper reporter from 1895 to 1922 and, later, the Manager and President of Prassaic New, Inc.

Prudence Boardman Hartt and William Gilchrist had a daughter, Mary Renfrew Annetta Gilchrist, born on September 4, 1886, in St. John, New Brunswick.

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