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Daniel Hart and Polly



Daniel Hart, was born in Lynnfield, Massachusetts and baptized on November 10, 1771.  Daniel was the son of John Hart Jr. and Lydia Curtis Hart.


Daniel Hart married Polly Tapley on December 13, 1792.  Polly was the daughter of Joseph and Mary Smith Tapley of Lynnfield, Massachusetts.  Joseph and Daniel, two brothers, married two sisters, Elizabeth and Polly Tapley.


Daniel Hart and Polly had thirteen children.


Daniel Hart lived in Lynnfield, Massachusetts and was a farmer.  He died on either September 20, 1827 or October 20, 1827.  Polly died in North Reading, Massachusetts, on November 2, 1860, at the age of 84 years.

Children born to Daniel Hart and Polly Tapley Hart:

David Hart Born April 23, 1793 Lynnfield, Massachusetts Married Susan Eames, Nov. 10, 1816.
Died December 9, 1855 Woburn, Massachusetts
Daniel Hart Jr. Born October 23, 1794 Lynnfield, Massachusetts Intention of marriage Jan. 1, 1821, to Margaret Norton, born Oct. 30, 1796, daughter of Maj. John and Margaret (Batchelder) Norton of Royalston, Mass.  See notes below.
Died May 31, 1855 North Reading, Massachusetts
Betsy Hart Born May 22, 1797 Lynnfield, Massachusetts Married Daniel Townsend, of Lynnfield, on Apr. 21, 1816
William Hart Born June 13, 1799 Lynnfield, Massachusetts Married at Springfield, Mass., Susan J. Harris, Feb.1, 1866, born in North Yarmouth, Maine.  See notes below.
Died November 10, 1883  
Lucy Hart Born August 21, 1801 Lynnfield, Massachusetts Married Martin Hart (son of Ebenezer Hart) (her cousin) of Danvers, Massachusetts.  Martin married (2) Mrs. Elizabeth Upton (nee Elizabeth Swinerton) on Nov. 29, 1830.
Died About 1828  
Phebe Hart Born October 13, 1803 Lynnfield, Massachusetts Married John Wheeler of Salem, Massachusetts.  They continued to live in Salem.
Aaron Tapley Hart Born September 23, 1808 Lynnfield, Massachusetts Died of consumption.  Unmarried.
Died August 3, 1846  
Elijah Hart Born Sept. 23, 1808 Lynnfield, Massachusetts Unmarried.
Died Jan. 18, 1848  
Polly Hart Born March 23, 1811 Lynnfield, Massachusetts Died as a child.
Died August 16, 1820  
Joseph Tapley Hart Born March 10, 1813 Lynnfield, Massachusetts Married Nancy Holt on Dec. 17, 1834.  Nancy, b. Apr. 3, 1815, was the daughter of Joel and Nancy Holt of Lynnfield.  See notes below.
Died April 20, 1894 Woburn, Massachusetts
Sally Avery Hart Born April 8, 1815 Lynnfield, Massachusetts Married Benjamin Simons of Salem, Massachusetts.  They lived in Salem, Massachusetts.
Clarissa Tapley Hart Born February 20, 1818 Lynnfield, Massachusetts Married Sylvester S. Beard on September 29, 1848
Polly Hart Born November 23, 1820 Lynnfield, Massachusetts Married Charles Norwood on April 25, 1839.  See notes below.
Died October 20, 1851 Lynnfield, Massachusetts


Daniel Hart Jr. married Margaret Norton, born Oct. 30, 1796, daughter of Maj. John and Margaret (Batchelder)Norton of Royalston, Mass.  Daniel Hart Jr. lived in North Reading, Mass., a farmer, and died May 31, 1855 of consumption; his wife, Margaret, died in Reading, Feb. 4, 1867.  Daniel Hart Jr. and Margaret Norton had three children: (1) Eliza Norton Hart, b. June 16, 1822, m. Oct. 26, 1841, Josiah Warner Coburn of Reading, Mass., where they resided. She died Sept. 9, 1875 and Mr. Coburn d. Jan. 24, 1886.  Eliza Norton Colburn and Josiah Colburn had two children: (1a) Ida Eliza Coburn, b. Jan. 6, 1858; m. Franklin Thornton Knight and lived in Waltham, Mass. He died Sept. 8, 1895. (1b) Charles Warner Coburn, b. April 4, 1862 m. Caroline Tucker, and lived in Medford, Mass.  (2) Daniel Augustus Hart, b. Aug. 15, 1824, m. Paulina P. Thompson. They lived in Boston for a time. He was a printer by trade, and died in Meriden, Conn. Dec. 27, 1867. They had a daughter Margaret A. Hart, d. at Boston, Nov. 23, 1849, age 1 year, 3 months, 24 days.  (3) Thomas Norton Hart, b. Jan. 20, 1829, married at Boston, Mass., by Rev. O. A. Skinner, Apr. 30, 1850, Elizabeth Snow, born in Bowdoin, Maine, daughter of John and Betsy (Ridley) Snow.  Thomas Norton Hart lived at 298 Commonwealth Ave., Boston, Mass. in 1900.  Thomas Norton Hart and Elizabeth Snow had one child: Abbie Snow Hart, b. Sept. 22, 1851, m. June 4, 1885, Carl Wilhelm Emst, b. Apr. 21, 1845 in Eddesse, Germany, son of Rev.Carl Emst and they lived in Boston. No children.  E. W. Emst (a journalist and writer) furnished a clipping which I reduced (his words) somewhat. It now reads thus: " Mr. Thomas N. Hart comes of sturdy New England stock, his ancestors residing in Lynnfield, Mass., including the first ancestor, Isaac Hart, who settled there in 1656. His mother's father, Maj. John Norton of Royalston, fought in the Revolution of 1776.  Mr. Hart attended the Bowdoin, Maine college, came to Boston in 1842 and was employed by Wheelock Pratt and Co. dry goods dealers, and two years later by Philip A. Lock Co., hat dealers; about 1860 he founded the hat store of Hart, Taylor and Co., and in 1880 became president of the Mount Vernon National Bank, of which he is still the head.  Mr. Hart was chosen to the common council in Boston the years 1879-81, to the board of alderman in 1882-86 and as mayor of Boston 1889-90 and 1900-01, receiving the largest vote accorded any Republican mayor up to that time.  In 1891, his qualities won the appreciation of the National government and he was appointed by President Harrison postmaster of Boston, which position he held until the Democratic administration. He was well-liked by all parties during his term; was courteous, genial and efficient in all the relations of life, with clear and quick perceptions, and is capable of any office in the United States."

William Hart married Elizabeth Bruce, born in 1808, in Marblehead, Mass., a daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth (___) Bruce.  Mr. Hart resided in Lynn, Mass., a hostler and teamster, and died Nov. 11, 1883; his widow died Sept. 10, 1884, age 75 years, 1 month, 10 days.  William Hart and Elizabeth Bruce Hart had six children (all born in Lynn): (1) Elizabeth Bruce Hart, b. Nov. 22, 1833; m. by Rev. E.G. Brooks, at Lynn, Mar. 16, 1856, George W. Timpson, age 24 years, b. in Boston, a cord wainer. They resided in Lynn, where she d. Jan. 6, 1877 (2) William Henry Hart, b. Dec. 22, 1836, married at Springfield, Mass., by Rev. George B. Ide, Feb.1, 1866, Susan J. Harris of Springfield, age 24 years, born in North Yarmouth, Maine, daughter of Samuel and Susan W. Harris. Mr. Hart resided at Chelsea, Mass., a lawyer. He was commissioned second lieutenant in the First Regiment, Massachusetts Artillery, Jan. 28, 1863. He went to Lynn on the morning of April 16, 1897, and committed suicide by shooting. William Hart and Susan Harris Hart had two children (born in Chelsea):  (2a) Lucy Humphrey, b. Oct. 2, 1870; m. at Chelsea, Sept. 15, 1897, Horace Mann Pullen of Bangor, Maine, where they now reside. (2b) Marian Louisa, b. July 15, 1880.  (3) Abbie Ann Hart, b. in 1839; m. at Lynn, Oct. 25, 1863, Benjamin Stevens of Marblehead, Mass., age 45 years. They lived in Lynn, where he was a merchant.  No children.  (4) Thomas Bruce Hart, b. Apr. 2, 1842, enlisted in the Civil War, and was Lieutenant in the Sixty-First Massachusetts Regiment. He was killed in battle Apr. 2, 1865, at Petersburg. (5) George M. Dallas Hart, b. Dec. 7, 1844, enlisted in the Civil War, Aug. 18, 1864, Company B, Fourth Mass. regiment, heavy artillery for one year; discharged June 17, 1865; m. at Lynn, Sept. 19, 1877, Ellen Medora Burns, age 25 years, born in Lynn, daughter of Austin C. and Sophronia Burns. He lived in Lynn, an ornamental letterer, and painter; was elected the twentieth mayor of Lynn, by the Democratic Party and inaugurated Jan. 4, 1886, and Jan. 3, 1887 for a second term. In 1897 he was elected a member of the school committee. No children. (6) Franklin Hart, b. Dec. 31, 1847; was publisher of the Marblehead Messenger, with E. I. Trask. He dropped dead on the morning of Jan. 15, 1872; unmarried.  

Joseph Tapley Hart married Nancy Holt on December 17, 1834.  Nancy was born on April 3, 1815 to Joel and Nancy (McIntire) Holt of Lynnfield, Massachusetts.  Nancy died on November 17, 1883 in Lynn, Massachusetts.  Joseph Hart lived in Reading, Massachusetts where he was a shoemaker.  Joseph died at Woburn, Massachusetts on April 20, 1894.  Joseph and Nancy Hart had six children:  (1) Nancy Maria Hart, b. May 3, 1836; married William C. Pevear of Reading on April 9, 1854.  Nancy and William separated and she married Mr. Heald; the couple lived in New York City.  Nancy and William Pevear had two children: (1a) William H. Pevear, and (1b) Nellie Maria Pevear. (2) Henry Tapley Hart, born on August 7, 1838; (3) Orlando Judson Hart, born November 20, 1840; (4) Susan Elizabeth Hart, born December 9, 1842, married Mellen S. Doten on July 4, 1870.  They lived in Roxbury, Massachusetts.  Susan and Mellen Doten had eight children (first three born in Fitchburg, Massachusetts, next four born in Boston, and last one born in Portland):  (4a) Luella Gertrude Doten, born October 10, 1871; (4b) Mabel Clifton Doten, born May 30, 1873; (4c) Chester Woodman Doten, born July 2, 1874; (4d) Arthur Chapman Doten, born October 23, 1876; (4e) Julian Watson Doten (twin), born October 14, 1878; (4f) Lillian Augusta Doten (twin), born October 14, 1878; (4g) Forrest Woodville Doten, born December 4, 1879; and (4h) Leon Colburn Doten, born December 9, 1885, in Portland, Maine. (5) Sarah Hart, born January 9, 1845, married Joseph Small.  They lived in New York City in 1900 and had no children. (6) Charles Warren Hart, born July 27, 1847, married Hittie Ashland on September 8, 1866, at Woburn, Massachusetts.  Hittie, born in Canada, was the daughter of William and Elizabeth Ashland.  Charles and Hittie lived in Boston, Massachusetts where he was a clerk.  He died on April 19, 1901 at the age of 54.  They had no children.

Clarissa Tapley Hart married Sylvester S. Beard, at Lynnfield, Mass., on Sept. 29, 1848.  Sylvester S. Beard was the son of Merrill and Olive Beard of North Reading.  Sylvester Beard died before 1900.  Clarissa, his widow, was living with her son in 1903 at North Reading, Mass. The son, Frank Homan, was born Aug. 4, 1855; resides at North Reading, a shoemaker by trade; unmarried.

Polly Hart married Charles Norwood on April 25, 1839.  They lived in Lynnfield and they had four children:  Mary L. Norwood, Clara F. Norwood, John C. Norwood, and Charles H. Norwood.

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