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George Albert Hart and Bessie


George Albert Hart was born in Ipswich, Massachusetts on October 6, 1864.  He was the third child born to Henry Jackson Hart and Lois Augusta Shute Hart.


On February 6, 1895, in Ipswich, Massachusetts, George Albert Hart married Bessie Matthews Wilson, a 26-year-old born in Cambridge, Massachusetts.  Bessie, born on August 4, 1868, was the daughter of Matthew Wilson and Mary E. Lennon Wilson.


George Albert Hart and Bessie lived in the Hart family home in Lynnfield, Massachusetts.  That home was built in 1676 and continued to be owned by the family until 1947 -- a span of 10 generations.


George Albert Hart died on July 15, 1938 at Essex, Massachusetts.  He is buried in the High Street Cemetery, Ipswich, Massachusetts.


Bessie Wilson Hart died in Fitchburg, Massachusetts on February 27, 1951.


Children born to George Albert Hart and Bessie Matthews Wilson Hart:

Robert M. Hart Born 1895 Essex, Massachusetts Died as a child.
Died 1896  
Grace Manning Hart Born April 15, 1897 Essex, Massachusetts Married William J. Marlowe of Holden, Massachusetts on October 20, 1926.  William d. Sept. 2, 1965.  See notes below.
Died 1969  
Dorothy Endicott Hart Born January 15, 1900 Essex, Massachusetts Married Clement Cook, a banker in Woodstock, Vermont.  He died in 1931.  They had one son.  See notes below.
Died 1993  
Mary Lois Hart Born January 22, 1908 Essex, Massachusetts Married Erich Pletsch on September 22, 1939 in Woodstock, VT.  Mary Lois was known as "Honey" or "Aunt Hon."  They had two sons.  See notes below.
Died 1978  


Grace Manning Hart Marlowe and William J. Marlowe lived on Mt. Elam Road in Fitchburg, Massachusetts.  William was the Vice-President of Fitchburg Gas and Electric Company and a decorated World War I veteran.  Grace and William had two children: William J. Marlowe Jr., born in 1932; and Elizabeth Hart Marlowe, born in 1937.

Dorothy Endicott Hart Cook and Clement Cook had one son, Richard Hart Cook, born in Woodstock, VT, on August 17, 1928.  From 1954 to 1961, Richard was employed by the Central Intelligence Agency in Washington, D.C.  From 1962 to 1982, Richard was the Deputy Director of Radio Free Europe in Munich, Germany.  Richard died on November 25, 2002.

Mary Lois Hart Pletsch and Erich Carl Pletsch had two sons: Professor Carl Erich Pletsch, University of Colorado, Denver, the author of "Young Nietzsche"; and Peter George Pletsch, living in Utah.

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