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David Roy and Jennie Lind Roach Hartt

Family Picture Album



1. Group (Grace Torrens Hartt (Bruce's wife), James Richard Hartt, Jennie Lind Hartt, Jean Ellen Hartt, David Neil Hartt, Leticia Ann Hartt). cir. 1923


2. William Charles Hartt, Grace Augusta Thavers (W. Charles Hartt’s sister) 1935, So Tacoma, WA


3. Eleanor Hartt (H. Bruce’ s daughter), Katherine Hartt, with dog. cir. 1935


4. William Charles Hartt, Katherine, Leticia Ann Hartt, cir. 1938


5. Leticia Ann Hartt (after her stroke). cir. 1940


6. The “Jungalow”, and cows. So. Tacoma, cir. 1940 (Frank and Paul Hartt never married and lived in this house in So. Tacoma for many, many years.)


7. Arthur S. Hughes and Katherine Hartt when they married.


1. David Roy Hartt with Jennie Lind. cir. 1938

2. Jennie Lind. cir. 1918

3. David Roy Hartt (So. Tacoma). cir. 1910

4. Group (Jennie, D . Roy, Frank Hartt, Arthur Jacquot (?), Unknown, Unknown, Katherine Hartt, Leticia Ann Hartt). cir.1917

5. D. Roy and Jennie. cir.1919

6. Grace Roach and Cornelia Roach. cir. 1932

7. Bradford Paul Hartt. cir.1929

8. Group (Hope, Ruth, Dan, Gladys, Dave Hartt, Roy Hartt, Jennie, R. R. Roach, Grace, Louisa, Nina, Cornelia Roach, Letcher, Gertrude, Frank, Tully). cir. 1920

9. Leticia Ann Hartt. cir. 1939

10.  Group (From front row to back; Charlotte Ann, Joseph Roy, Bradford Paul, Unknown, Unknown, Margaret Gladys, Ruth, Unknown, Dora Rochet, Jean Ellen, Jennie Lind, David, Cornelia Roach., James Richard, Mark Rochet). cir. 1936. St. Marys ID.


Margaret Hartt and husband, Russell Grewell

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