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John Hartt


Life Along The St. John River
Early 1800s

John Hartt  was born in 1748 and married Anne Lovell in 1782 at Barnstable, Massachusetts. The couple lived in Maugerville, N.B. John owned land on both sides of the river in Sheffield and Burton. According to the New Brunswick Newspapers, Vital Statistics, John Died on November 3, 1800, in Burton, when he felt a pain in his chest while crossing the river.  


According to the New Brunswick Royal Gazette, John Hartt of Burton had his estate administered by Thomas Hartt of Gagetown, Queens County,.and Samuel Hartt of Sheffield, on May 19, 1801.


Information in the New Brunswick Newspapers, Vital Statistics archive, shows that Anna (sic) Hartt, the widow of John Hartt of Burton, died on August 20, 1835, at the age of 72. 

Children born to John Hartt and Anne Lovell Hartt:

Theodate Hartt Born  Jan 1784  Lincoln,  New Brunswick Married  Abraham Newcomb Dec. 28,1811; Children: Elizabeth 1812-1853, George Lewis 1816-1874. Charles 1819, Mary Ann 1822-1886, Henry Allen 1824-1871, Sophia Jane 1826-1838
Died Aug 18, 1834  Woodstock, New Brunswick
Henry Allain Hartt Born 1783 Kingsclear, New Brunswick Married Deborah Ring (1782-1832) on March 6, 1806 in Waterborough, NB Children: Pamela Jane 1805, Charles H.A. 1808-1825, Henry Jr.
Died 1825 Kingsclear, New Brunswick
George Whitfield Hartt Born 1784 Kingsclear, New Brunswick Married (1) Mary Ann Torrens, died February 5, 1816, (2) Lucy Ann Brown on October 14, 1817 (died on June 5, 1850, at age 47), and (3) Mrs. Isabella Cox (daughter of John King) on October 9, 1856 (died December 11, 1868).
June 27, 1859
 Lincoln, New Brunswick
Fredericton, New Barunswick
John Hartt Born 1789 Kingsclear, New Brunswick Married Jane Cole, in 1818, in Westfield, NB. Children: Mary Ann 1820-1893, Eliza Jane 1828-1893, Albert P. 1833-1888
Died 1865 Westfield, New Brunswick
George C. Hartt Born 1796   Married Jane Fowler.Dec. 5, 1823,  2nd wife Martha Jane
Died November 3, 1871  Fredericton, New Brunswick
Aaron Hartt Born 1790 Kingsclear, New Brunswick Married Mary Sweeney on June 5, 1823 in the Parish of Nelson, New Brunswick.  See notes below.
Died January 1, 1836  Buried in St. Paul Cem. Chatham Head, NB
Daniel Hartt Born 1795    
Died 1825  
Mary Hartt Born     No information available.


Henry Allain Hartt and George Whitfield Hartt are listed here as children of John Hartt and Anne Lovell Hartt.  They are also listed as children of Samuel Henry Alline Hartt and Mary Estabrooks Hartt.  Since they are not listed in Samuel Henry Alline Hartt's will, it is thought that they were actually sons of John Hartt and Anne Lovell Hartt.

Henry Allain Hartt is listed as a cordwainer.  Henry married Deborah Ring (1782-1832) on March 6, 1806, in Waterborough, New Brunswick.  Deborah was the daughter of Zebedee Ring (son of Jarvis Ring and Sarah E. Hartt) and Mary Ann Hartt (daughter of John Hartt and Jane Cole).  The following children are listed in the NB Newspapers, Vital Statistics:  (1) Charles H. A. Hartt (eldest son), died October 22, 1825, at age 17; (2) Pamela Jane Hartt (eldest daughter), married Thomas S. Warne (a merchant), on October 31, 1829; (3) James Main (second son), died April 29, 1864, at age 21; (4) Margaret Florence Hartt, married her third cousin, George LeBaron Hartt, son of Jarvis William Hartt (and grandson of Samuel Henry Alline Hartt).  Margaret died in NYC, NY, on December 18, 1877.

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