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Rev. Henry and Phoebe Hartt


Henry Hartt Family


Reverend Henry Hartt was the son of Reverend Samuel Hartt, Jr. and his wife, Mary Estey Hartt.  He was born in 1844 and died in 1918.


Daniel Smith Sr. and son, Clapman (1762-1843), arrived from Rowley, Massachusetts as Loyalists in 1784 and settled in Maugerville, New Brunswick.  It was their descendants who settled in the Hoyt Valley.  One of the early settlers, to come up the Oromocto River, was Clapman Smith.  He married Susannah Bailey (1773-1856) and they had ten children.  Two of their sons, Daniel Jr. and Clapman Jr.,  settled in the valley.


Daniel born in 1802 married Phoebe Hartt and three of their children lived in Hoyt Valley.  Their daughter, Phoebe Smith, married Reverend Henry Hartt.


Rev. Henry Hart passed away at his home in Jacksontown , N.B., on March 30, 1918, aged 74 years.  His death was unexpected and came as a shock to family and community.  The late Mr. Hartt had been a minister of the Gospel for nearly 39 years, having been ordained in the ministry of the Free Baptists in 1879.  His ministry was largely in the upper part of the province, although some time was spent on Grand Manan.  His many friends will feel the loss.  He is survived by his wife, Phoebe, and two daughters, Mrs. William Hazen, a missionary in India, and Mrs. Richard Syson of Stettler, Alberta, and one son, Bedford, at home.  The funeral was held on Monday, the Rev. A. L. Fenwick officiated.


Phoebe Smith Hartt died on February 14, 1920, at her home in Jacksontown, New Brunswick, at the age of 76 years.


Children born to Reverend Henry Hartt and Phoebe Smith Hartt: 

Florence Edith Born April 11, 1872 Jacksontown, New Brunswick Married William Hazen on December 20, 1905 in Ahmednagar, India. No children.
Died November 3, 1957 Boston, Massachusetts
Caroline Born July 24, 1873 Jacksontown, New Brunswick Married Richard Mackley Syson on December 11, 1907 in Calgary, AB.  She taught school.
Died June 4, 1945 Stettler, Alberta
Harry E. Born November 12, 1874 Jacksontown, New Brunswick  
Died June 3, 1897 Jacksontown, New Brunswick
Nettie E. Born December 17, 1875 Jacksontown, New Brunswick Died as a child
Died December 14, 1878  
Phoebe A. Born December 20, 1877 Jacksontown, New Brunswick  
Died March 5, 1904  
Arthur L. Born February 2, 1879 Jacksontown, New Brunswick Died as an infant
Died September 7, 1879  
Bedford Judah Born June 20, 1883 Jacksontown, New Brunswick Married Ruby Page Shaw on September 9, 1926.  Ruby had been married to a Shaw.
Died March 2, 1969 Jacksontown, New Brunswick
Pearl Vilda Born February 9, 1885 Jacksontown, New Brunswick Married Percy Robertson in June 30, 1914, in Stettler, Alberta. Pearl died giving birth; the infant died a short time later.
Died December 27, 1915 Stettler, Alberta

Notes:  Caroline and Richard Syson's daughter, Florence Syson, married Donald Clark.  (Caroline and Richard's son, Gerald, died at nine-months of age.)  [Information on the living deleted]

Richard Syson was born in Cossall, Nottingham, England, on April 23, 1873.  He died on February 22, 1958, at Stettler, Alberta.

Bedford Judah Hartt had two sons: Reginald, and Paul.

The Dispatch Newspaper reported, on June 13, 1894, that Miss Carry (sic) Hartt, daughter of Rev. Henry Hartt, Jacksontown, was a graduate of the U. R. Seminary, St. Martins.

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