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Mary Alberta Hartt


Mary Alberta Hartt

Gladys Grace and Mary Alberta

Mary Alberta Hartt was the sixth child of Aaron and Catherine Dayton Hartt.  She was born on July 3, 1863, in Marysville (York County), New Brunswick.  She graduated from the New Brunswick Teachers College and taught school in New Brunswick for awhile.  She moved to Lynn, Massachusetts, worked for a rubber company, and taught school there.  While living in Lynn, she met and married Carl Emil Johnson of Sweden, on May 22, 1889, at Lynn, Massachusetts.  


On January 1, 1890, Mary Alberta gave birth to a daughter, Silvia Grace Johnson.  Somewhere between 1893 and 1895, the marriage ended and Mary Alberta, with her small daughter, made the trip to Tacoma, Washington, where her sister, Annie, and her brother, William Charles Hartt, lived.  Mary found work teaching school in the Yelm School District.  Annie was teaching in the same district; although, they were teaching in different schools.


Later, she met and married John Johnson, also from Sweden.  John was a seaman who came to the U.S. aboard a merchant ship.  John did construction work and logging along with a little farming.  In 1898, Mary Alberta gave birth to a son, Frank Dayton Johnson.


Mary Alberta Hartt Johnson died on October 5, 1919, in Tacoma, Washington.  John Johnson died on May 15, 1920, in Tacoma, Washington.

Carl Emil Johnson

Silvia Grace and Mary Alberta


Child born to Mary Alberta Hartt and Carl Emil Johnson:

Silvia Grace Johnson Born January 1, 1890 Lynn, Massachusetts Married (1) James E. Ismay and (2) John Edward Kittelman (son of John Hans Kittelman).
Died December 9, 1977 Yelm, Washington

Child born to Mary Alberta Hartt and John Johnson:

Frank Dayton Johnson Born May 15, 1898 Tacoma, Washington Married Eva Turner Montgal on November 10, 1920.  Eva was born on August 17, 1897, and died on May 9, 1990. 
Died October 24, 1997 Yakima, Washington


Silvia Grace Johnson and James E. Ismay were married about 1907 and had two children:  Gladys Grace, born December 27, 1908, died February 13, 1996; and Harold Robert, born on March 7, 1912, died on March 10, 1995.  Gladys Grace Ismay married three times:  (1) Mike Harpel, two sons, Ralph Harpel (1927-1978) and Richard Lee (Harpel) Ballard (see note below), born on March 13, 1931; (2) Forrest (Fristy) Ballard;  (3) Buster Hanson, born September 11, 1908, died December 1968.  Harold James Ismay married Esther Schultz; they had four children.

Silvia Grace Johnson and John Edward Kittelman were married on July 23, 1914, and had six children:  Ernest Edward, born August 31, 1916, died on November 11, 1977; Norma Ruth (Betty), born on August 13, 1917; a baby boy who was not named, born March 30, 1920, died April 1, 1920; Glen Bernard, born on October 12, 1922; Mary Letitia, born on July 12, 1925; and Eva Rose, born on October 28, 1929.

Frank Dayton Johnson and Eva Turner Montgal had a daughter from Eva's first marriage: Leslie Berdine, born on July 26, 1917, died on March 27, 1996.  Frank and Eva had three children together:  (1) Forrest Dayton Johnson, born on February 24, 1922, in Roy, Washington, died January 30, 1990, in Pismo Beach, California.  Forrest Johnson married Muriel Jean McKamey.  She was born. on September 13, 1922, and died on September 13, 1984.  Forrest and Muriel had one child.  (2) Merton Lee Johnson, born on January 29, 1924.  Merton and his wife, Shirley, had four children.  (3)  Albert Neal Johnson, born February 24, 1926, died on January 12, 2000.  Albert Johnson married Geraldine Sonner, born on October 1, 1926, died on May 17,1999.  Albert and Geraldine had two children:  A son, Mark, born on March 17, 1950, died on May 22, 1977; and daughter, Karen.

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