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Samuel Henry Alline Hartt


Loyalist settler sowing grain in a rough clearing along the upper St. Lawrence, Upper Canada, 1784. 
Watercolour by C.W. Jefferys  ID #20621
Credit: Government of Ontario Art Collection, Tom Moore Photography, C.W. Jefferys

A number of drawings of Canadian history and life, including the one above, are available for viewing and/or purchase at:  www.canadianheritage.org/galleries/

Samuel Henry Alline Hartt was a farmer who lived and farmed in Kingsclear, York County, New Brunswick. He was born in 1752 in Lynn, Mass.  Samuel and his first wife, Mary Estabrooks, were married in 1773.  She was born on March 9, 1753 in Lynn, Massachusetts and died in 1792 in Kingsclear, New Brunswick.  Mary was the daughter of Sergeant Elijah Estabrooks II. 


Elijah Estabrooks II was born in 1728 in Enfield, Middlesex Co. Massachusetts.  In Captain Israel Herrick's Company, Colonel Jedediah Prebble's Regiment in 1758, Elijah was stationed at Lake Champlain.  He fought at Ticonderoga, NY and was discharged on November 7, 1758.  He re-enlisted on April 6, 1759, and was sent to Halifax, Nova Scotia where he stayed until November 25, 1760.  While the Sergeant was serving his country, his family remained in Boxford, Massachusetts.  He returned to Boxford on December 15, 1760.


Later, Elijah Estabrooks moved his family to Halifax and then Cornwallis, Nova Scotia.  He went up the St John River in 1763 to find his lot.  On October 18, 1765, he was employed by Simonds, Hazen, and White, the operators of a fur trading post and fishery at Portland Point, St John, New Brunswick.  In 1773, Elijah settled in Conway Township at the mouth of the river (St John now) on 250 acres of land.  By August 1, 1775, he had cleared and improved 7 acres and built a log house on lot number five next to the ship building plant.  Lot 6 was owned by Zebedee Ring, his son in law.  He moved from St. John to Gagetown in Queens County during the American Revolution.  He joined the Cumberland party, led by Colonel Jonathan Eddy,  to help the Revolution by trying to take Fort Cumberland.  On June 30, 1783, a survey party sent up the river recorded that he had a wife and 8 children, a log house with 2 rooms, and 12 acres cleared.  In 1787, he moved from Gagetown across the river to Cambridge Parish in Queens County, near Jemseg, where he was granted lot 32 (58 acres) on the Jemseg River and lot 25 (61.5 acres) on January 13, 1787. 


Elijah Estabrooks II is said to have remained hale and hearty to the last.  He spent his latter years with his son, John, at Swan Creek on the west side of the Saint John River near Upper Gagetown.  It is said there were two things he used to pray for; first, that he should never be sick and, second, that he should die at his work. He used to pound grain for the chickens in a mortar. One summer afternoon in 1796 after working for a while, he lay back in his chair and covered his face with his hat. His grandchildren, who were playing nearby, thought he was asleep.  But, when they went to waken him for supper, they found that he had died.  Elijah Estabrooks was buried in the Garrison graveyard at Jenseg, New Brunswick.  


Samuel and his second wife, Clarissa Hammond, were married on October 28, 1793 (according to the Gagetown Anglican Church Records).  She was the daughter of Archelaus Hammond and his wife, Jerusha.  She was born in Lynn, Massachusetts.


Samuel died in 1814 in Kingsclear, New Brunswick.


The history of this time and the families of Estabrooks, Estey, and Hartt are covered in some detail in "The Chignecto Isthmus and its First Settlers", by Howard Trueman. This publication is available at: www.intranet.ca/~mmackay/chignecto.html

Children born to Samuel Henry Alline Hartt and his first wife, Mary Estabrooks Hartt: 

Henry Allain Hartt* Born 1783 Kingsclear, New Brunswick Married (1) Deborah Ring on March 6, 1806 in Waterborough, NB; died March 3, 1832. (2) Jessie Main on August 12, 1837
Died September 10, 1825 Kingsclear, New Brunswick
Aaron Hartt Born 1785 Kingsclear, New Brunswick Married Charlotte Estey (1785-1870) about 1811.
Died April 26, 1866 Kingsclear, New Brunswick
George Whitfield Hartt* Born 1787 Kingsclear, New Brunswick Married (1) Mary Ann Torrens, (2) Lucy Ann Brown, and (3) Mrs. Isabella Cox on Oct. 9, 1856.
Died June 29, 1859  
Hannah Hartt Born 1791 (about 1786) Maugerville, NB. Married Jacob Ring on October 21, 1813
Sarah E. Hartt Born 1781   Married Jarvis Ring
Died 1857  

Children born to Samuel Henry Alline Hartt and his second wife, Clarissa Hammond:

Ruth Amelia Hartt Born     Married Jonathan Estey on September 29, 1814 in Kingsclear, NB.
Died   Fredericton, New Brunswick
William Dell Hartt Born 1796   Married Catherine McDonald (1795- November 2, 1867) on January 5, 1834.
Died January 22, 1857 Fredericton, New Brunswick
Rev. Samuel Hartt Born April 23, 1799 (97, 98)   Married Mary Elizabeth Estey (1779-1864) on October 15, 1822.  Married by James Milne, Rector of Fredricton
Died January 16, 1867  
Judah Hammond Hartt Born 1802   Married Emily Mary Peters on February 19, 1849 in the Trinity Church. Lived in St. John, NB. Lawyer?
Died 1863 St. John, New Brunswick
John Endicott Hartt Born 1808   Married Florence E. Hammond
Died 1863  
Charles Lathrop Hartt Born 1810   Married (1) Mary Ann? (1811-1843)  (2) Georginna Hartt, daughter of George Whitfield Hartt.
Died December 23, 1885 Fredericton, New Brunswick


*Henry Allain Hartt and *George Whitfield Hartt are listed here as children of Samuel Henry Alline Hartt and Mary Estabrooks Hartt.  They are also listed as children of John Hartt and Anne Lovell Hartt.  Since they are not listed in Samuel Henry Alline Hartt's will, it is thought that they were actually sons of John Hartt and Anne Lovell Hartt. 

Henry Allain Hartt is listed as a cordwainer.  The following children are listed in the NB Newspapers, Vital Statistics:  (1) Charles H. A. Hartt (eldest son), died October 22, 1825, at age 17; (2) Pamela Jane Hartt (eldest daughter), married Thomas S. Warne (a merchant), on October 31, 1829; (3) James Main (second son), died April 29, 1864, at age 21; (4) Margaret Florence Hartt, married her third cousin, George LeBaron Hartt, son of Jarvis William Hartt (and grandson of Samuel Henry Alline Hartt).  Margaret died in NYC, NY, on December 18, 1877.

Hannah Hartt married Jacob Ring on October 21, 1813 in Nova Scotia.  Jacob Ring was born about 1786.  The wedding was officiated by D. McGibbon, Justice of the Peace and witnessed by Aaron Hartt and John McGibbon.  Jacob's estate was administered on March 17, 1828 -- no mention of Hannah.

Ruth Amelia Hartt and her husband, Jonathan Estey, had three children:  (1) Hetty Ann Estey; (2) Charlotte Estey, born in 1819, died in 1891; and (3) Aaron Hartt Estey, born 1829, died 1882, buried in the Woodlands Cemetery in Cambridge, NY, Sec. I 48   The marriage ceremony for Ruth Amelia Hartt and her husband, Jonathan Estey, was performed by David McGibbon, Justice of the Peace, and witnessed by Jacob Ring and John E. Everitt.

William Dell Hartt and his wife, Catherine, had two children:  (1) Jesse Melvina Hartt, born in 1838, married Rev. Peter Melville on Nov. 12, 1878; and (2) Charles W. Hartt, born in 1843.  William was a magistrate and living in Fredericton, NB, during the 1851 census.  The census also includes a 17-year-old servant, Catharine Donaho, living in the William Dell Hartt house.

Judah Hammond Hartt and Emily Mary Peters Hartt's second son, William Winniett Hartt, was lost overboard in May of 1871  while in the discharge of his duty, from brigatine "Posie" on a voyage from St. John, NB to Havana, Cuba.

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