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Jonathan Hartt




Jonathan Hartt was born to Thomas A. and Sarah Hawkes Hartt in 1779.  Jonathan married Jemina Phillips on January 22, 1807, in Hamstead, New Brunswick.  


According to one source, Jemina was born in 1788, in Lincoln, New Brunswick.  She was the daughter of Thomas Phillips (1745-1809) and Phoebe Bedford (1750-1809).  Another source has Jemina born in 1790 in Maugerville, New Brunswick.


According to Days of Old: History of Fredericton Junction, Jonathan owned 217 acres of land in that area.  The property was received from Stephen and Mary Hartt Gullison on September 11, 1819.  Jonathan and Jemina sold the property to Thomas Phillips, David Phillips, and Thomas Hartt for the sum of three-hundred-seventy pounds.


Jonathan died in 1846.  Jemina died in 1849 at the age of 61.


Children born to Jonathan Hartt and Jemima Phillips Hartt:

Mary Ann Born 1811  New Brunswick

MARY ANN HARTT, birth 1811 New Brunswick; death.1875 in Saltfleet,Ontario.  married twice;  m. (1) JESSIE CHURCHILL, 1830, Carleton, Wakefield, New Brunswick; b. Jan 7 1801

Son of Mary Ann and Jessie Churchill:    Elias Churchill. 

(2) OTIS HAYCOCK, Bef 1848; b.1804 d. . Children:  Caroline Haycock b. 1848, Harriet E. Haycock 1850, Victoria Haycock 1851,     Source Ancestry.com


Died  1875  Saltfleet, Ontario
Thomas Born  Abt 1810        New Brunswick

In his father's will, Thomas inherited the Hart Estate near Hamilton, Ontario

Son, is called  Jarvis Allen Hartt; 

Died    Ontario
George Whitfield Born  Abt 1812  New Brunswick

Whit ran a Tavern in Canada,  possibly near Hamilton, Ontario. Source: Joan Quay George died 1851, with Bilious Fever, in his home in Brant County, Ontario.

 He married MARY ANN STEWART.  After  George’s death, Mary Ann was unable to  support  her  children so she “farmed out”  the  older boys  and a wealthy family took baby Ransford.  She married James Galloway and had two  more children. 

Children of Mary Ann Stewart  & George W  Hart                         

William 1838,   George W.,    David,   Esther,   Thomas 1847,   Ransford 1851


Died  1851  *Bilious Fever"  Ontario
John Born  1814  Nova Scotia/New Brunswick John was born  1814 in Nova Scotia later called New Brunswick.  He married HANNAH ELIZABETH ECKER 1856.  She was born 1827 in Canada. and died bef.  1880, in Lowell, Kent, Michigan. John was in Lowell, Kent County, Michigan from the mid to late 1800s.  There are land records available showing he owned land in, Walker Township, in Kent County, Michigan in 1852 and 1854.Though the 1870 Census found John and Hannah together in the 1880 Census, John is enumerated alone in Lowell. Though both are listed as married, his wife, Hannah Hart is enumerated with her sister Henrietta and Henrietta’s   husband, Joseph Hall, in Lowell
Children of Hannah Ecker & John Hartt: Sarah Elizabeth b 1857-1922.  Joseph M. 1859 - ?

Died  aft 1891  Michigan
William Born  1817  Fredericton Junction, NB. Canada

WILLIAM HARTT .b.1817.  He married UNKNOWN CRONKHITE 2ndmarriage ELIZA WATTS Nov. 23 1882 Bloomington, Nebraska. William was involved in lumbering in Sand Lake, Kent County, Michigan, leaving Michigan before 1880 and moving to Naponee, Franklin Co. Nebraska. 

Children of unknown Cronkhite & William Hartt:    Alice, Lydia & George

Died    Nebraska 
Elizabeth Born  August 27, 1818  Fredericton Junction, New Brunswick, Canada Elizabeth married SOLOMON VAN GOERDER TICE.  
They had the following children: Jemina 1836-1900, Philip 1837, Henry Pheneas 1838-1885, Huldah 1839-1899, Emily1839 -? Jonathan 1841-1921, Phoebe 1843/6-1910, Elizabeth 1848-1922, Harriet 1842-1864, Albert 1853-1922, Alfred 1853-1872, William 1855-1920, Jane, 1856-1856, Jenny 1856-1875, Mary Ann 1857-1920
Died  1887   Barryton, Mecosta Co. Michigan
Phoebe Ann Born  1824   Phoebe married JOHN SHERMAN, Brand Cathcart, Ontario in 1856.  Moved to Nebraska


Born 1826
   New Brunswick

James was born 1826  he married MARY JANE FAIRCHILD. She was born in 1842.  They lived in the village of Coral Michigan, farming until James passed away sometime after the 1880 census

Died after 1880
Matthew Born May 1831  Ontario

Matthew was born March 5, 1831 in Ontario.  He died Feb. 11, 1900.   Married (1) HARRIET MALOTTE, April 10, 1852,  she died 1867;                     

Children of Harriet Malotte & Matthew Hartt Sarah, abt 1856, Clarissa 1858, Mary Belle 1859-1936, Mary Jane abt 1860-1861, Josephine abt 1863-1878, Sanford Yale 1864-1940.

(2) ELIZABETH SMITH, July 4, 1868, one child;   Eva Lena 1871

 (3) MINERVA ELIZABETH SPENCER, married August 23, 1873, she died May 24, 1893;   children are:  Amanda 1873-1968, Clarence 1877-1958

(4) JANE SANFORD , Married September 6, 1899; she died in 1920.

Died Feb. 11,1900  Edmore, Michigan

Samuel Munroe
15 Sep 1833
 Salt Fleet District, Ontario, Canada

  Samuel was born Sept 15, 1833.  Samuel was married Sept. 3, 1854, in Princeton, Canada, to Eliza Jane, Gilchrist daughter of John and Margaret Gilchrist. She was born Feb 24, 1837 in Canada. He decided on the trade of millwright, and accordingly three years passed in acquiring the knowledge requisite to its successful prosecution. He worked as such until December, 1870, when he came to Lowell, MI. He spent the winter there, and in the spring of 1871 went to Grand Haven and carried on the business of millwright. In 1872 he went to Sand Lake and turned his attention to lumbering, in which he has since been continuously engaged. He worked at Sand Lake until the winter of 1880-1, when he located at Foxville, Monroe Twp., where he is largely interested in the various branches of lumbering. Finally, they moved to Big Rapids, MI and lived there until their death.  Eliza died in the spring of 1890.  Samuel died June 21,1909.

Children of Eliza Gilchrist & Samuel Hartt                                                     Emily Caroline July 21, 1855, Cicero Winslow 1857, Ella Jane 1860, Sylvia Samantha 1865, Charles 1874-1875

Died  June 21, 1909  Sand Lake, Michigan

Born  1835  

Hudnett Hartt was born 1835.   He married 1855 to HARRIET?? iin 1855.  Archives Ontario MS248-01  Reel 1: US Civil War Draft 1863 Kalamazoo, Michigan, 1870 US Census in Porter, Cass, Michigan with Harriet.

Died    ?  





Notes:  Matthew and an Indian lady were the parents of    Edna May Hartt (1889-1973) She  married Roswell Earl Franklin on August 11, 1922, in Ann Arbor, Michigan.   Two children:  Gloria & Charles



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