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Carrie A. Hartt and James McPhail

James McPhail



Father:  John McPhail

Mother:   Catherine MacPhail


Born:  December 25, 1863
Place:  New Pitslago, Aberdeenshire, Scotland 


Married:   Carrie Amelia Hartt

Date:   April 28, 1891

Place:  York County, New Brunswick


Died:       September 9, 1922

Place:      Perth, New Brunswick, Canada


Siblings: John MacPhail, William Laurence MacPhail, Peter MacPhail, Margaret MacPhail, Mary MacPhail, Archibald MacPhail, Isabel MacPhail, Alexander Watson MacPhail, and George Watson MacPhail.

Carrie Amelia Hartt


Father:  Aaron Samuel Hartt

Mother:  Catherine Susanna Dayton Hartt


Born:  January 29, 1866

Place:  Marysville, New Brunswick


Married:   James McPhail

Date:   April 28, 1891

Place:  York County, New Brunswick


Died:  December 1939

Place:  Perth, New Brunswick



Katherine Grace Born June 23, 1892 Perth, New Brunswick Never married; nurse and Matron of Nurses at Peter Bent Brigham Hospital in Boston
Died May 1984 Charlottetown, Prince Edward Isl.
Gertrude Irene Born September 23, 1893 Perth, New Brunswick Married Barnabus Ezekial Armstrong of Perth, NB; he died in 1961; one child, James E. Armstrong, born in 1935.
Died November 1959 Perth, New Brunswick
Harold Wilfred Born June 25, 1896 Perth, New Brunswick Married Myrtle Keith in 1925; four children: William, Robert, Caroline, and Jean.
Died June 8, 1972 Perth, New Brunswick
Norval Hartt Born March 4, 1898 Perth, New Brunswick Married Dorothy Olmstead on September 4, 1923; two children: Margery Ann  and Mary Diane
Died May 1, 1982 Perth, New Brunswick
Carrie Isabel Born May 1, 1902 Perth, New Brunswick Married Dean Richards Rogers on September 4, 1924; they had three children: Dean Jr., David, and Gordon.
Died August 17, 1967 Pembroke, Ontario
Mary Alberta (known as Mary Ann) Born September 10, 1906 Perth, New Brunswick Married LeBaron Tait; two children: Phyllis and Gordon.
Died October 25, 1997 Charlottetown, Prince Edward Isl.

Notes:    Some members of the McPhail family chose to use that spelling; others chose to use MacPhail as shown by James McPhail and his siblings -- all MacPhail.

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