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George Hart and Margaret


George Pierpont Estes Hart. was born in Ipswich, Massachusetts on January 14, 1864.  He was the only son of Charles Nelson Hart and Sarah Kembley Estes Hart.  Although he had an older sister, Ruth Estes Hart, she died as an infant; by the time George was born, he was an only child.


On January 31, 1897, in Fort Myers, Florida, George married Margaret Crowell Hogg.  Margaret was born in Argyle, Nova Scotia and she was the daughter of Nathaniel W. and Agnes (Brown) Hogg.  Margaret's parents lived in Ipswich, Massachusetts.


George was in the military during World War I.


George inherited the Hart farm but sold his share to his cousin, George Albert Hart.


At one time, George Hart lived in the Miami, Florida, area where he was the editor of The Blade, among the earliest newspapers in Belleview.  The paper is no longer published.  Later, George worked for the Danville (Virginia) Register Bee.


George is buried in the Green Hill Cemetery in Danville, Virginia.  


Margaret died on January 18, 1929.  She is buried at the Mountain View Cemetery in Danville, Virginia.  In 1925, George and Margaret's son, Murray, purchased five plots in the Mountain View Cemetery.  In addition to Margaret, Jessie Inez Sweatt Hart, and Helen V. L. Hart's husband, William Allie Poteat Jr., are buried there.  The fourth and fifth cemetery plots are reserved for Helen V. L. Hart Poteat and Sarah Kimball Hart Moore, if they want them.

Children born to George Pierpont Estes Hart and Margaret Crowell Hogg Hart:

Parker Estes Hart Born December 27, 1897   Married (1) Mina Weintraub, (2) Dorothy.  One child by Mina, Elizabeth Myna Hart, and one child by Dorothy, John E. Hart.
Died May 1949  
Murray Endicott Hart Born November 8, 1899 Belleview, Florida Married Jessie Inez Sweatt, b. Sept. 30, 1902, Columbus, GA; d. Sept. 8, 1979, Summerfield, NC.  See notes below.
Died January 17, 1961 Daytona, Florida
Sarah Hart Born     No other information; died as a child.
Charles Nathaniel Hart Born June 30, 1903 Belleview, Florida Died as a child at just over one-year.
Died July 5, 1904 Belleview, Florida


Murray Endicott Hart married Jessie Inez Sweatt, the daughter of Thomas Jackson Sweatt and Eva Dixie Cox Sweatt of Columbus, Georgia.  Thomas Jackson Sweatt, born on July 11, 1879, Russell County, Girard, Alabama, died on January 9, 1949.  Thomas was a clerk in a Columbus, Georgia hotel and is buried in Parkhill Cemetery, Columbus, Georgia.  Eva Dixie Cox Sweatt died on Sept. 17, 1935 in Charlotte, NC.  Eva's parents were James Walter Sweatt (b. January 7, 1831, Pike Co, Zebulon, Georgia; d. June 02, 1902, Columbus, Georgia) and Elizabeth "Betty" Anne Morris; they were married May 2, 1854.  

Murray Endicott Hart was born to George Pierpont and Margaret Hartt November 8, 1899 in Belleview Florida. He served as a Marine in W.W. I. He married Jessie Inez Sweatt December 1922. Murray used to work for Singer Sewing Machine Company and that during the depression years he would be contacted by people who needed small machines repaired and he would travel to their homes to repair the machines and the people would pay him with eggs, chickens, guineas or whatever they raised on their farms. Murray and Jessie Inez lived in a log cabin house that he built in Providence, NC. They divorced in the middle to late 30's and he moved to Florida, where he remarried and lived until his death in l961. Jessie Inez Hart continued to live in the log cabin house until she became to ill to care for herself and she moved in with her daughter, Elizabeth around 1975-76. Children of Murray and Jessie Hart are: Murray Elizabeth, Helen Virginia Lee, Sarah Kimball Hart

More about James Walter Sweatt (Thomas Jackson Sweat's father):James Walter Sweatt was a corporal in the 13th Georgia Volunteers, the Fayette Rangers.

Wounded at Antietam, and severely wounded at Spotsylvania. DRB in Texas.  Children of JAMES SWEATT and ELIZABETH MORRIS are:

(1) WILLIAM EPHRAIM SWEATT, b. February 20, 1855, Fayette Co., Fayetteville, Georgia; d. January 16, 1858, Fayette Co., Fayetteville, Georgia.
(2) NATHANIEL JOHNNIE SWEATT, b. September 25, 1856, Fayette Co., Fayetteville, Georgia; d. January 19, 1858, Fayette Co., Fayetteville, Georgia.
(3) SUSAN MARGARET DAW SWEATT, b. November 22, 1857, Fayette Co, Fayetteville, Georgia; d. Columbus, Georgia; m. DAVID G. REED, October 06, 1878.
(4) SARAH ANNE SWEATT, b. January 21, 1859, Fayette Co, Fayetteville, Georgia; d. January 31, 1937, Phenix City, Russell, Alabama; m. WILLIAM J. HELMS, May 29, 1881.
(5) JOHN BENJAMIN SWEATT, b. January 05, 1860, Fayette Co, Fayetteville, Georgia; d. June 06, 1875, Dekalb Co, Georgia.
(6) DELANEY AMANDA SWEATT, b. February 13, 1861, Fayette Co, Fayetteville, Georgia; d. June 11, 1911, Columbus, Georgia.
(7) MARTHA JANE SWEATT, b. October 03, 1862, Fayette Co, Fayetteville, Georgia; d. August 02, 1931, Columbus, Georgia; m. GEORGE K. POWELL, April 03, 1884.
(8) SOLOMON ANDREW SWEATT, b. December 28, 1865, Fayette Co., Georgia; d. April 11, 1949.
(9) CORA ELIZABETH SWEATT, b. August 29, 1867, Campbell Co, Atlanta, GA; m. GEORGE JOHNSON HELMS.
(10) MIRANDA ELLEN SWEATT, b. July 16, 1869, Campbell Co, Atlanta, GA; d. July 17, 1876, Dekalb Co, Georgia
(11) WAYMAN POTTER SWEATT, b. October 12, 1872, Fulton County, Atlanta, Georgia; d. January 03, 1950, Muscogee Co, Columbus, Georgia.
(12) ELIAS WALTER SWEATT, b. March 14, 1874, Fayette Co, Fayetteville, Georgia; d. August 10, 1876, Dekalb Co, Georgia
(13) ROBERT DANVILLE LATTIMORE LANG SWEATT, b. September 15, 1877, Chambers Co, West Point, GA; d. September 16, 1925, Dekalb Co, Georgia;
(14) THOMAS JACKSON SWEATT, b. July 11, 1879, Russell Co, Girard, AL; d. January 09, 1949; m. DIXIE SEYMOUR, October 23, 1898.

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